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Ideal strategies to continue the growth of on-demand business despite the Coronavirus outbreak

By Jeff Dodson|24th Mar 2020
The whole world is in a lock-up due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Close to 338,000 people from 176 countries have contracted the novel Coronavirus. The easy transmission of the virus has made people shift towards on-demand delivery apps. This surge in doorstep services is due to the fears of virus.
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Impact of the Coronavirus outbreak

The whole world is in a lock-up due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Close to 338,000 people from 176 countries have contracted the novel Coronavirus. Approximately 13,000 new cases are reported every day around the globe. People are finding it difficult to even step out of their homes. Currently, this pandemic disease does not have any medicinal cure. This has impacted business severely. Empty shelves in departmental stores and the fear of the virus hanging just around the corner have seen people shift towards modern advancements like doorstep delivery options. Organizations globally are preventing the outspread by taking preventive actions like, 

  • Work from home
  • Adequate resources to tackle situations
  • Encouraging social networking sites to stay updated 
  • Virtuals meetings and conferences.                                            

The demand for doorstep services

The easy transmission of the virus has made people shift towards on-demand delivery apps. This surge in doorstep services is due to the fears of virus transmission when stepped outdoors. Moreover, people have already started to pile up their inventory with the necessary groceries to tackle the situation. People demand services like grocery shopping to meal delivery at their doorsteps. The traffic on on-demand sites has seen a substantial increase in this quarantine period. A Gojek clone app offering multiple services to the doorstep can greatly benefit in these difficult situations. 

The surge in the online delivery market

The United States has already reported the third-highest number of cases. Even though the US has advanced healthcare services, the numbers are alarming. Over 80 million Americans are under lock down. The total number of users to the online food delivery segment has seen a leap of 22.5 million users. This leads to a 9.8% increase when compared to 2019. 

Food delivery and digital subscription ventures are experiencing tremendous demand. The digital subscriptions in the US have risen to 12.4% growth while fast-food sales rose to 8.7% after the pandemic. People prefer online than the high street. This might be the right time for on-demand doorstep services to step into a strained market. Essential commodities like toilet papers, hand sanitizers, food are demanded by people fearing to reach the departmental stores. The delivery services are the only means of hope for food outlets. The on-demand delivery apps have invited a bigger audience. With a click on their mobile phones, they can get their demands delivered instantly. 

Strategies to continue growth

 If you are an on-demand service provider, here are some ideal strategies to be followed to continue growth in your business venture. Keeping the business engaged during this surge of on-demand services involves actions like remaining safe as well as managing the business effectively. So, how exactly can the growth of business continue despite the Coronavirus outbreak? Some of the strategies include,

  • ‘Contactless’ delivery options
  • Awareness to delivery professionals
  • Maintaining supply chains 

‘Contactless’ delivery options

People fear any contact with the external world can aid in the transmission of this virus. The contact with the delivery person may act as the link to the transmission of the disease. Following ‘Contactless’ delivery options can curb the chances of getting infected. People may advise delivery professionals to deliver their order at a destined place in front of their homes. They may pick up the order once the delivery professional has left. Proper communication with people and delivery professionals can make this idea successful. 

Awareness to delivery professionals

The magnitude of the disease must be informed to the delivery professionals. Clearly explaining the modes of transmission to the professionals can provide them clear insights about their do’s and don'ts. Explaining the importance of hygiene can greatly aid in ceasing the virus transmission. Avoiding unnecessary contact with the public and usage of masks can prevent this disease from imparting to the people staying indoors.

Maintaining Supply chains

The surge in doorstep services leads to an increase in demand globally. Supplies will evaporate after the initial days. Restocking of resources is necessary for ceaseless business growth. Maintaining adequate supply chains are highly essential to meet the growing demands of the people. Inventory management and proper utilisation of the resources can help the business grow in this quarantine. 

Wrapping it up

The Coronavirus outbreak has seen people on lock down for days. People fear this highly contagious disease. However, people demand certain services. The doorstep services can be a perfect remedy to the situation.

Developing an on-demand business is beneficial both to the people as well as business owners. Advanced features like ‘contactless’ delivery options can eliminate contact between people and delivery professionals. By preventing transmission, people are deprived of their fears, and they get their services completed as well.