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Best Data Recovery Software For Windows in 2022: Top 10

Restore deleted files and folders on your PC. Here is a list of the best data recovery software for Windows 11, 10.

Best Data Recovery Software For Windows in 2022: Top 10

Tuesday August 18, 2020,

5 min Read

It is annoying to lose the valuable information available in our system. We can try several manual methods to regain the lost data. However, it is a tiresome and tedious job, when we go for a non-automatic method for recovering our data. In this case, we can try using some of the genuine hard drive recovery software for data recovery. This page will brief you about some of the genuine data recovery software that you can use to bring back your missing data. Here we go with the comprehensive details of data recovery software Windows 10.

10 Best Data Recovery Software For Windows in 2022

1.  Advanced Disk Recovery

Systweak being the leader in the system software provides us disk recovery software for recovering our missing data. Advanced Disk Recovery is a one-stop solution for all your data-related issues. It can glance over all your drives to identify your missing files without any limitations. You may use this outstanding tool to regain any type of file that is missing.

Advanced Disk Recovery


·        In-depth scanning ability

·        Customizable search results

·        Can locate and recover all file formats

·        Excellent capability to scan external drives

2. Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar data recovery software is an incredible data revival tool that can help you with document restoration. You can search, locate, and recover permanently deleted files in Windows 10 with this tool. Also, the tool is available with a secure erase option, that can clear your files without letting any trace.

Stellar Data Recovery


·        Amazing ability to recover files of multiple formats

·        Can diagnose your corrupt files

·        Phenomenal file erasing options

·        Safe and secure to use

3. Piriform Recuva

CCleaner being the most trustworthy product for optimizing your device provides an excellent solution for data loss. Piriform Recuva is a supreme data recovery tool that can work with all file types. With excellent features and versions, this tool will be a one-stop solution for all your data-related issues. It can also secure your data handling functionality with the greatest ease.

Piriform Recuva


·        Amazing file recovery feature

·        Capable of shaping up files from deleted partitions

·        Extensive deep scan and quick scan options

·        Simple user-interface

4. Wise Data Recovery

The Wise Data Recovery tool is the best data recovery software, that can allure you with its peculiar features. Extensive scanning ability, multi-format file recovery, and multi-device compatibility make this gadget universal. This tool helps you to have a safe and secure working device with no data loss threat.

Wise Data Recovery


·        Quick scanning ability

·        Available portable version

·        Compatible with all versions of Windows

·        Multi-language support

5. Disk Drill Data Recovery for Windows

Being the outstanding photo recovery file recovery software, Disk Drill data recovery software attracts more number of users. You can enjoy the highest reliability and features of this tool. This gadget can offer you a wonderful solution for all your data issues.

Disk Drill


·        Up to 500 MB free data recovery

·        Inbuilt recovery vault

·        Can recover any types of files

·        Variety of recovery options

6. Prosoft Data Rescue 5 for Windows

Data Rescue 5 is capable of recovering deleted data from all drives and it is suitable for all types of users. This genuine tool can guide and notify the user with the progress report for their scan. With extensive scanning ability, this best data recovery software can locate and retrieve all your lost files.

prosoft data rescue


·        Improved RAID recovery

·        Unlimited data recoveries

·        Faster scanning ability

·        Multi-device compatibility

7. R-Studio for Windows

R-Studio is a comprehensive data recovery tool that can be useful in recovering all your valuable data. This data recovery software can even recover data from your partitioned drive and damaged files. With the latest data recovery algorithm, this tool can perform a fast scan and even faster recovery.

R-Studio for Windows


·        Supports extensive file system

·        Capability to recover recycle bin files

·        Recovery over networks

·        Advanced recovery algorithm

8. CrashPlan Data Recovery

Your all types of data problems can be fixed with the CrashPlan Data Recovery tool. You will be able to regain all types of files with this software. You may backup or recover even your lost PST files with the extensive capability of this tool. Here we go with the wonderful aspects of this genuine tool.

CrashPlan Data Recovery


·        Recovers any file formats

·        Diagnose infected files

·        Encrypted drive recovery

·        Creates bootable USB media

·        Recovers files from all drives

9. MiniTool Power Data Recovery

MiniTool Power Data Recovery tool is available with more features at a nominal price. With a wide variety of modules available in the tool, you can regain access to all your lost files. This gadget works well on all Windows devices with excellent ease of use.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery


·        Simple, easy to understand interface

·        Outstanding capacity to retrieve data for disk drivers

·        Variety of data recovery modules

·        Capable to redeem files from corrupt partitions

10. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro

With simple operation and up to date features, you will be amused to use this genuine tool. EaseUs data recovery tool is famous for its ease of use and efficiency. You can recover deleted files from all the locations with this mind-blowing tool.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro


·        Easy to scan

·        Can diagnose and retrieve corrupted files

·        Capable of treating infected RAID setups

·        Files of any size can be retrieved

Summing Up

Data loss is quite a common problem we encounter in our work. As we handle huge data while we work with our computers, we may lose our data accidentally. For overcoming this problem, we can try using some genuine data recovery tools. This page has collated the top 10 best data recovery tools that can assist you in recovering your missing files. We hope you have found an efficient solution to regain your deleted files with the genuine products explained on this page.