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Instagram marketing in B2B: Companies have to pay attention to this

Whether using Instagram is worthwhile depends on the company's target group as well as the approach. Depending on the target and sector, a different approach is necessary.

Instagram marketing in B2B: Companies have to pay attention to this

Tuesday September 03, 2019,

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Companies are always on the lookout for new ways to market products. Especially in the B2B area, it is a challenge to win new customers. A good network and a lot of industry experience are essential to succeed in the market.

Social media promises companies to engage opinion leaders and gain more reach in the industry. However, especially LinkedIn and Xing are widely used to boost the B2B business. So far, Instagram plays only a subordinate role, even though the platform has the highest interaction rate of all social media platforms.

This article is therefore intended to shed light on whether platforms such as Instagram promise only the blue of the sky or are really helpful in the B2B area. Because still many companies do not reach their ambitious goals.

Which companies benefit from Instagram marketing activities?

Basically, it is possible for any business to be successful on Instagram. However, some divisions are better suited to the platform. The product or service certainly plays a role in the success. However, it is equally important for users to draw attention to stories around the company. This can include the history of the company, the team and exciting events.

Furthermore, success also depends on the goals set. Some companies are on the platform to attract employees, while other companies are actively driving customer development.

Depending on the target and sector, a different approach is necessary. Whether using Instagram is worthwhile depends on the company's target group as well as the approach.

Create an Instagram business account

For companies in the B2B sector, it is essential to create a business account. This gives companies the opportunity to retrieve Instagram statistics, to provide contact information and to point to the website. This allows social media managers to generate new clicks that lead to sales.

But how does the business account setup work? In the Instagram app it is possible to access the settings via the gear icon. Then it is only necessary to select the menu item "Convert to a business account" and then follow the instructions on the screen.

Tips about B2B Instagram Marketing

For the scope of the article, we assume that some companies want to increase awareness and sales. For this purpose, Instagram should be used as a platform. These tips are a first step to succeed on Instagram.

1. Use content created by fans of your company

The inclusion of fan content helps companies twice. First, the company gets closer to the followers, second, they have less content for Instagram to create. This saves time and effort and increases company awareness.

2. Use the link in the Instagram Bio

Link clicks help your company not just to get more website visitors. Initial quote requests can arrive quickly if the Instagram profile includes a link.

But Link is not the same link. The best way to optimize the displayed website directly for Instagram users. Newsletter sign up options and quote requests should be available directly on the selected page. This gives your company contact details of potential customers. This increases their sales opportunities many times over.

3. Tell interesting stories using your post

The story about their contribution influences whether you succeed or fail on Instagram. If their service helps entertainment customers, they should publish pictures about it. Everything that makes your company interesting and different from competitors is definitely worth publishing.

4. Ignore important key figures

Certain key figures do not help companies to achieve their own goals. The number of followers has limited information for companies. Much more important are the number of link clicks and likes.

But these indicators must be set in relation to the effects. Thousands of link clicks on the website will not work if there are no sales or inquiries.

5. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories help with the exchange with the followers. Surveys, quizzes, live videos are closely tied to subscribers. Furthermore, as a social media manager, you will learn which topics the users are moving. This can be especially helpful for creating the posts.

Practical example at a glance: IBM

A positive example of professional Instagram marketing is IBM. IBM uses reactive storytelling during exciting events such as the US Open Tennis Championships. This shows the company in an interesting way how event organizers use the company's software.

It becomes clear that the product does not necessarily have to be interesting. It's about telling a story that inspires and delights users.