Know the Fundamentals for AWS Solution Architect Training

Amazon Web Services is the market leader in public cloud adoption and acts as a point of reference for all its competitors. Thus, the need for brand new skills for designing, deploying and management of various applications in the cloud was not more pronounced anywhere in the history.

Know the Fundamentals for AWS Solution Architect Training

Wednesday December 26, 2018,

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AWS Solutions Architect is a certification which is given by the Amazon Web Services. It is beneficial for professionals, beginners and solution architects who work on many enterprise architecture programs. Many topics like the development of AWS systems, best practices of AWS etc. are covered by the certification. The certification is useful as it spans various skills essential to working with the Amazon Cloud, Alexa and many other services like DynamoDB, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, Identity Access Management (IAM) etc. There is an apparent shift in the workloads of firms towards cloud computing which has necessitated the development of core competency in the enterprise. Thus, the need for brand new skills for designing, deploying and management of various applications in the cloud was not more pronounced anywhere in the history.  

Amazon Web Services is the market leader in public cloud adoption and acts as a point of reference for all its competitors. The certification is highly empowering as it prepares you for the most sought-after skills validated by cloud computing. It provides you with an edge above the others by testing the skillset of every candidate thoroughly. It equips you with elementary knowledge and the skills you will have to work with AWS Services and Solutions.

Why should you get an AWS Solutions Architect Training?

AWS is all set to become the Gold Standard in Cloud Platform as per Gartner. Even though it is 10 times as big as its next 14 competitors, there is a dearth of AWS Certified professionals felt by companies. It was seen as a chief constraint in the adoption of cloud computing. Furthermore, the opportunities for growth and the possible career options multiply every year at an average of 37%. Thus,, a well-known job portal has ranked it as the most desired skill preferred by the employers. Additionally, AWS Certifications are among the top five paying IT skills in the US and Canada. These professionals are able to draw a 27.5% higher salary than the norm. Latter is again because of lack of availability of people with the known certification.

Pre-requisites to get an AWS Solutions Architect Training

The individuals who get this training will be required to perform the role of a solutions architect. They are expected to have developed the right knack for effective showcasing of their knowledge to deploy secure and robust applications on AWS technologies. Thus, the basic requirements for candidates are as follows:

  • They should have at least one year of experience in designing various available, economical, fault-tolerant and other distributed systems on AWS. They should also have practical experience using various AWS Services like computing, networking, storage, database etc. in addition to AWS deployment and management services.
  • They should have the ability to identify and define various requirements of technical nature for AWS-based applications and also should be able to recognize which technical need is exhibited by which AWS Service.
  • The candidates should have a fair knowledge about AWS Global Infrastructure, a basic understanding of the architectural principles to build on AWS Cloud.   
  • Understanding the various technologies related to networking and how they relate to AWS is a must. Also the candidates should be aware of the features and tools related to security which are provided by AWS and the way they are related to the traditional services.

Thus, the candidates who have practical experience on AWS will lead to concrete understanding. Also, the individual can become aware of Auto Scaling in addition to other techniques and strategies which are essential components of the AWS environment. Thus, the exam requires the candidates to have sound knowledge about the concepts he has been already studying. In addition to this, the candidate should have expertise in concepts of networking, scripting, sound knowledge about Linus/UNIX/Windows and other monitoring techniques in a rapidly changing environment.

Basic checklist before taking the exam

There is no restriction as such to clear the exam but it is a good idea to undertake the following before stepping into the same.

  • AWS Console: Firstly, you should sign-up for the AWS Console as it will help you practice without shelling out any extra amount.
  • FAQs: All the Frequently Answered Questions along with the Whitepapers which have been specially written for each section of the exam should be thoroughly read.
  • Exam Framework: The candidates should be fully aware of the blueprint of the exam. This mainly covers the syllabus for the exam.
  • Sample Questions: Amazon has published many sample questions on their website. This gives a feel of the real questions which are usually asked by Amazon in the exam.
  • Commercial Practice Questions: Many commercial practice questions are available which need to be scanned.

The Real Value of AWS Solution Architect Training

As there is a paradigm shift in the way businesses are accumulating their IT solutions on the cloud, the AWS training will give you an edge over others and open doors for more high-end and better-paying jobs. Also, Fortune 1000 companies are giving preference to AWS Cloud professionals. Thus, having AWS Training certificate in your CV will give it a significant value-addition. It will be an apparent demonstration to the potential employers and business partners that you are well prepared for various challenges using AWS.


Thus, the AWS Solution Architect Training gives the candidate the much-needed edge to get into the best of breed jobs in the IT industry. This is a future-oriented course which holds humungous potential for an excellent career. Despite the growing need and popularity, there is still a shortage of AWS professionals which has made these jobs even more paying. This is the right time to undertake this certification looking at the huge amount of benefits it has now and for the future.