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How to generate qualified leads in COVID 19 crisis

How lead management companies can generate qualified leads in COVID 19 crisis

How to generate qualified leads in COVID 19 crisis

Wednesday May 13, 2020,

4 min Read

In critical times like this, where the coronavirus has impacted human lives and the whole global economic condition drastically. Moreover, the unfortunate fact is that there are no decisive predictions as to the duration of this epidemic. Many lead management companies are struggling in meeting lead generation targets due to the disconnect of traditional and in-person business activities.

Even many lead generation services providers are facing challenges to generate leads and setting up B2B appointment settings is equal to impossible during this crisis. Thus, hire a B2B lead management company that has a remote work setup and incorporate the latest digital technologies to keep up their business continuity along with yours.

Some of the effective inbound lead management approaches are –

1. Increase your email list

There’s a common misconception among people who aren’t marketers that email is an outdated technology. It’s better to invest in social media, right? This is an absolute myth. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, email marketing is the most effective marketing tool to increase revenue, communicate with the target audience, and share your latest news, products, and services with your target audience.

B2B lead management companies leverage emails to drive lead generation and revenue. This is because email marketing metrics such as open rate, repeat open rate, link clicks, CTR, etc, are measurable and manageable for your email channel. Moreover, the organizations need to optimize their email marketing channel in such times of crisis as acquiring a new customer costs 5 times more than retaining an existing customer.

2. Host virtual events

The social distancing and travel restriction due to COVID – 19 is the biggest barrier to events that organizations have organized to gather qualified leads. During such times the world of virtual events is getting bigger than never before. So, instead of worrying over the postponed or canceled events with virtual events, it’s time to make all your programs available digitally. Move all your events online because it is best to attract, engage, and convert your global prospects in a simpler and more effective regardless of the industry you belong to and the size of your business.

Here is a list of popular virtual event solutions that you can benefit to generate leads while working from home.

  • Virtual Conferences & Summits
  • Virtual Job Fairs for Universities
  • Virtual Trade Shows & Expos
  • Virtual Motor Shows
  • Virtual Benefits Fairs
  •  Virtual Career Fairs for Organizations

3. Go for webinars

According to a lot of B2B marketers, a webinar is the best way to generate high-quality leads. If a member of your sales team has organized to speak at a canceled event, then there is an opportunity to simply convert the oration into a digital format - Webinar.

There are already two important factors working in your favor: demand for the information you are presenting and the event’s existing marketing strategy. A lead generation company can help you to make the most of its potential by combining it with a promotional campaign. A webinar has the potential of gathering a larger audience compared to any physical event.

You can also engage your audience with an interactive Q&A session at the end of the webinar to understand their business loopholes and offer them solutions customized to their business challenges.

4. Start a podcast

Podcasts have become popular as you can listen to them while on the way to work while doing household chores, and while taking your evening walk. Apart from that, podcasting is proving to be a great way to share multimedia content that your audience can hear automatically or when the time suits them. A lot of companies are also using podcasts to generate leads for their business because they can build a large audience.

You can create podcasts for -

  • Talk about a topic and call-in listeners where voice mailboxes can play the audio into the podcast.
  • Share tips or ideas of the day
  • Conduct short interviews with industry experts and business leaders
  • Record speeches or teleconferences to distribute later

The final say

All in all, even during this difficult time, lead management service providers cannot discontinue to connect and engage with their clients’ prospects, both new as well as existing. It has become indispensable for them to adopt digital tools and strategize to drive lead generation. If your business is grappling to generate leads during COVID-19 pandemics, talk to our lead generation experts now.