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10+ Long Tail keywords Generator Tools (2020) Free & Paid

Here is the list of top 10 best long-tail keywords finder and generator tools In 2020 to find the best LSI keywords for your websites to rank

10+ Long Tail keywords Generator Tools (2020) Free & Paid

Sunday July 12, 2020,

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Are you looking for best long tail keyword finder and generator tools in 2020 then you are on the right place. It isn't effortless to rank your keywords in high place. There are numerous websites which are having competition in gaining the first rank in any search engine query.

There are two types of keywords: common keywords that people generally use for their websites, but some opt for long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are those keywords that have more than three words or phrases.

Long-tail keywords help in enhancing your keywords ranking on search engines. To generate long-tail keywords, you require long-tail keywords generator tools. From these tools, you will get several suggestions related to keywords and search volume data, enabling you to select the best option. 

Here is the list of some best long-tail keyword generator tools that will help you a lot by offering you adequate keywords suggestions and reaching your keywords at the top among all keyword searches.

Long Tail Keyword Generator tools (2020)

There are numerous long-tail keyword generator tools available some of them are listing below.

1. SEMrush

SEMrush is the leading tool that creates one of the best and more appropriate long-tail keywords. It is widely known for its keyword research feature.

SEMrush is known as the SEO analysis tool; it enables you to find your opponent's ranking and what keywords they are using. It is one of the best long-tail keyword generator tools on this list.

It offers its trial version for its customers, but it is not a free tool. It is a paid subscription tool. It allows you to discover more long-tail keyword suggestions. 

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2. KW Finder

It is a useful long-tail keyword generator tool for beginners, but it is also profitable for bloggers.

It is not a free tool, so with the paid tool, it has various advanced features such as SERP analysis, tracking rank, filtering results. But it also offers a free trial version where you can test these features. 

KW Finder helps you in finding one of the best long-tail keywords with low SEO difficulty. It also shows keywords that are using by your competitors. 

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3. Word Tracker

Word Tracker is the long tail keyword generator tool that gives you more relevant keywords from Youtube, Amazon, Google, etc. It is a handy tool for content writers. 

It delivers you one of the organized data files, which is easily readable and understands better. You can use one of its features that are niche explored for finding the most appropriate keywords that are trending in your business. You can use the filter of location and search engine.

Although it offers basic features for free, if you want to enhance the elements, you can look for the free trial to lead you to the subscription pack.

4. Longtail Pro

Longtail Pro is another long-tail keyword generator that is available in the market. It is advantageous in creating long-tail keywords. 

Longtail Pro is not a free tool, but it offers a trial version to test it. It generates daily keywords, also shows keywords that are using by the competitors. 

It is an all in one SEO tool which generates one of the high ranking long-tail keywords. It offers various suggestions of long-tail keywords when entered a specific keyword on the search bar.

5. Google Keyword planner

It is one of the most suitable long tail keyword generator tools among all. People prefer Google Keyword Planner to find the long-tail keywords for their websites.

It is not like other tools for which we have to pay subscription money, and it is a free tool. When you receive passage to keyword planner, it will allow numerous keywords suggestions, and you can also find them based on language and religion.

It doesn't limit your search; moreover, it offers every relevant search term it can discover. 

6. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere are not like other long-tail keyword generator tool which has mentioned in this article. It is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. 

It comes in both versions free and premium. You can access free text or use the premium version by paying a certain amount.

With the free version, you will get search data and related keywords when you run a Google search, but with the premium version, you will get all the data and longtail keywords suggestions from keyword Planner. 

7. Answer the public

Answer the public is a long tail keyword generator tool which shows you many questions asked by the public. 

It is a free tool that allows you to look up search engine suggestions for the entered keyword. It offers you several long-tail keyword suggestions, but it doesn't give any data about search volume.

8. Google Auto Suggestion tool

It is a free feature offered by Google. It allows you to find long-tail keywords in any niche. Google Auto Suggestion tool is a useful long-tail keyword generator tool offer by Google. These keywords are based on popularity. 

When you type the first keyword, then the number of suggestions which disclose on autosuggestion and you can select them. 

For further details like CPC, the number of searches, competition level, and other information, you require to operate another keyword tool.

9. Google Trends

Google trends is a long tail keyword generator tool that gives you suggestions for long-tail keywords based on the activity of people on Google. 

It offers you suggestions on the interest of people over time. It is one of the most usable long-tail keyword generator tools.


So these are the list of long tail keyword generator tools which will help you to get best keywords ideas. If you are looking for the best tool to find LSI keywords then must use SEMrush to get amazing keywords.