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The Best Marketing Strategies : B2B Business India

You must remember these four points to stay competitive in the Indian Market having over more than 15 million retailers.

The Best Marketing Strategies : B2B Business India

Sunday March 01, 2020,

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Before we dig deep into the technicalities, I would like to mention that we are not going to pick any specific industry for the marketing research here. To keep it quite simple and concise, I have made four points that are required especially as per current increasingly growing eb2b having a marketing-profit potential of around 3-5 percent that is actually a big transformation in Indian Market! Let us have a look.


Why branding is necessary for b2b business even after having no direct sales with customers? The answer is quite simple yet it might seem to be ignored most of the time. Each and every product finally reaches the customer, the one who utilizes that.

Either you sell a pen to the customer or you make the wrappers of those pens for the pen manufacturing companies, ultimately your product reaches out to the customer. So the reason is obvious that the pen manufacturing company will definitely look for the fine quality pen-wrapper box that attracts the customers more.

Let us take another example, I own a company that manufactures the furniture used especially in big apartments. Keeping it in mind that we are just manufacturers, this is the distributor and contractor who sells out my product, I come to know that I have nothing to do with direct sales. However, I can never avoid the point if my company has a name that is catchy and reputed among the residents of those apartments, they will surely pitch for the furniture manufactured from my company and if I am capable of making the residents(customers) my BRAND' name even having no direct contact them, I can definitely create a profitable ecosystem for my company.


Oh, it seems to be a silly point, no? Why am I asking you to focus on the partner's profit and not the customer? So the answer raises one more question. Quite complicated? Let me simplify this for you.

When you come across any situation when you a consumer and you have to give your preferences on the products being used for your let us say apartment for anything like that, what do you do? You simply come across the most popular names (BRANDS) and then you judge them according to their quality and reviews so this is the only thing you had to do with your customer that you already completed on point 1 that is branding.

Now, who is our customer? Is this that consumer or that distributor or contractor? This is not the consumer who directly purchases our products so you simply got your answer now. That contractor gets three recommendations from the consumer's end and now this is him who will finalize the product so he is definitely going to apply the products or services of the company that gives him/her good profit. And profit means both financially and reputation-wise as well.


This point is simply a conclusion of point 1st and 2nd as if we make a brand name that makes consumers excited to get your products and force their applicators to use your products/services, you will NOT have to pitch for the sales. This is around and round situation as if you focus more on sale-pitching, you are surely going to be weaker on advertisement and quality side. So focusing on the marketing and advertisement of your BRAND leads the company to more sales without pitching them on your own.

This was all about NO DIRECT SALE-PITCHING, we can surely discuss the b2b advertisement details deeply on some other day. Let us move towards the fourth point now.


So the last but not the least point is to keep a track of each and everything related to manufacturing, sales, services, revenue and especially customer reviews. Having a track of the finance, reviews, team, and all can be a topic to be discussed however, all I want to make you keep in your mind is that you MUST be innovative. And to be innovative, updated and ready to accept changes as per the consumer requirements, it is mandatory to make some expenses on having proper track of those requirements which are must to meet to have stabilized your business for the long term.

I hope, I was able to keep the article simple, insightful and concise! Thanks.

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