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Why SEO Is Essential In Branding and Marketing

Read out the reasons why your company absolutely needs SEO

Why SEO Is Essential In Branding and Marketing

Friday February 28, 2020,

6 min Read

MonkMetrics - Leading SEO Agency In India 

Here are some snippets about Monk Metrics

SEO was the shady practice of stuffing keywords, tweaking back-end code and spamming links until you started ranking well for the keywords you wanted. Thankfully, the scenarios have changed now.

Read on to find out what Mukesh Kumar & Ulhas Sakhare, Founders & CEO of Monk Metrics - leading SEO and digital marketing agency has to say.

Our startup MonkMetrics helps businesses in US & India to acquire the top positions in Google search results. We also help startups and local businesses generate leads by crafting optimized campaigns for their brands along with that we do content marketing as well. 


MonkMetrics - Leading SEO Agency

Tell us about yourself, your previous jobs/ventures? 

I completed my 12th class and did not go to any college, I immediately started to work for an online media publication. Luckily I was introduced to SEO by my uncle and then i joined Galbatross technologies which is where I met my Co-Founder Ulhas Sakhare with whom I sold a website for $34000 and the seller later became our first client. It’s been a year since we started MonkMetrics and cater mostly to US clients. 

Discuss the biggest challenges in your digital marketing career so far? How did you overcome them?

One of the biggest challenges has been not getting the desired results because of getting stuck at a position in Google for many days and months. Despite quality content and backlinks, Google wasn’t rewarding our website and we overcame it using clustering where we created several articles over a topic to cover every possible intent. As a result, We ended up dominating the featured snippets. 

When scrolling down Monk Metric's website, we see various brands you’ve worked with such as Isourse, an interior architecture brand called De Panache, and even Advanced Mixology. How do you collaborate with such clients and what benefit do you serve each other?

Most businesses are looking to get a headstart by appearing in the top 3 positions in the search results. With continuous testing on our own assets, we seem to know what works and what doesn't. Unlike other SEO agencies, we do not bound any of our clients in long contracts and never take any upfront payment. Its pure results first and money later. Once a client gets results, we either work on a monthly payment or share a certain % of the profit. We invest 50% of the profit in our own affiliate projects. 

Monk Metrics offers a wide range of digital marketing services to its customers. How does it feel for you as a company to be with your customers on their every step?

All our clients come to us with certain expectations and we take it as a responsibility. We tell them all the practical and realistic things to expect out of a campaign and stick with our best practices. SEO is a slow game and clients can get impatient at times. We educate them at every phase of their growth and help them know how soon to expect any visible results. 

In Monk Metrics, you collaborate with developers, account managers, project managers, strategists, UX architects, designers, and support executives. In this multidisciplinary team structure, do you have any special routines for motivation and how do you keep your working environment updated?

We believe in freedom and respect team members who take accountability. Also, we share profits with all our team members and regularly share lessons to help them build their own individual agencies which keeps them motivated and work harder. 

If you’d like to suggest some useful digital marketing tools and platforms that help you and your team accomplish your everyday goals at Monk Metrics, what will they be?

We like to keep a track record of every little detail we change on a website. This helps us know what change may have caused any fluctuation in the rankings. We use Ahrefs, SurferSEO, MOZ, Buzzsumo & our own Custom tool to keep track of SERPs. For project management we use Asana, Slack & Trello. Few platforms to learn and grow are SearchEngineLand, SEO Secrets By Glen, SEO Cartel facebook group.

Do you have any predictions for 2020's digital marketing trends?

With platforms like Tiktok and Quora, anyone who can generate results using ads are going to have an edge. From an organic SEO point of view, I think more brands will look forward to diversifying their audience and also a lot of them have started to shift to videos and getting campaigns done by Influencers for better outreach. 

How has SEO and SEM taking the world by a storm?

With digitization on the rise, every business wants to acquire their own virtual real estate. With the internet becoming cheaper and more adoption of social media, SEM is important for any brand in today’s world. It promises branding, outreach and traction for a business with just a click of a button. SEO is more important than ever because not everyone will always run ads and nobody wants to be on the 2nd page of search results. 

Why is online marketing preferred more than offline marketing?

Online marketing is like a superpower compared to offline marketing. You can reach more people in less time and also use the leverage of online medium to scale your business to places  you may have never imagined a decade ago. 

In the digital marketing industry, where are you expecting to see yourself after five years?

In the next 5 year we definitely see us growing from 5 figure business to 6 figure business. Competition is everywhere and with Facebook tightening it’s policies and Google coming with regular search updates, the barrier of entry will only be harder and we expect to see giving end-to-end solutions that focus on the overall brand’s presence in the digital front.

Who are your competitions and how are you better than them?

Our competitors are mainly digital marketing agencies, but we are confident of our approach as our clients bring in most referrals. We are always testing multiple assets with different tweaks everyday to understand what will work for our clients. Testing allows us to fail earlier than others so we avoid pitfalls that our competitors make late in the game. 

Monk Metrics believes online marketing is like a superpower compared to offline marketing. You can reach more people in less time and also use the leverage of online medium to scale your business to places  you may have never imagined a decade ago.

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