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Inspiration For A College Student - See The Real You

Even after reaching the heights or getting admission to the top Universities or Colleges, students roam around searching for inspiration. Here's what can inspire you

Inspiration For A College Student - See The Real You

Monday May 25, 2020,

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Great things happen when we get inspired by things that most people overlook. We all get inspired by several things in several ways. Things happening around us can lend us the strength and motivation to do wonders. It's the same you who did it several years back when you started with a zero. Still, we roam around from one place to another searching for inspiration.

Even after reaching the heights or getting admission to the top Universities or Colleges, for instance, Delhi University or IIM's, students roam around searching for inspiration.

On every street, on almost every valley,

Seekers are passing through thousands of alleys.

Searching for the inspiration from dusk till dawn,

Unknown of the fact they already had it and has now been withdrawn.

While growing, those qualities are lost somewhere,

Lost or hidden inside them and not in the air.

Childhood was a happy-go-lucky phase of life,

A phase that kept our dreams alive.

A 2-year-old never fears from falling,

After every slip, he walks again instead of crawling.

Instead of being afraid they are determined to learn,

They don't make memories, rather they earn.

Without any trepidation, without any fear,

They take their kite higher and cheer.

Thinking of pleasure and enjoying that very moment,

Reaching the heights with their carefree endowment.

Inspiration exists within you,

We hold it from the very start without having a clue.

Inspiration in You

Inspiration In You

We people run to specialists, counselors, educators and so many other people to get ourselves motivated and to lend us an inspiration to do something good with our lives. Some strong and positive thoughts to help us deal with our failures.

  • Never Run From Your Failures

Rather acknowledge your failure and sit with that failure. Analyze where you went wrong. Stand there still and deal with it and heal from it. And when you are ready, when you have learned from it just let go that failure and start again.

The sky talks to those who gaze and heed to it. There is always something to comprehend in the way nature communicates to us. It helps is to understand our connection with the world. The blueness of the sky spells hope. It all depends on the way you see things.

  • Embrace Your Changes

Change is said to be the essence of life. People will say that you have changed when you might have improved. They say it because you ended being what they wanted you to be. Don't be worried about if you disappoint someone while you are improving.

Never allow anyone to confide you that it's impossible. Never let anyone hold you back. Never permit anyone to come between you and your accomplishment. Become the best version of yourself. You deserve it and you owe it to yourself.

  • Make Your Soul Your Guide

If you will pay attention to the patterns of life you will recognize that everything always works out. Everything always takes you to a superior destination. You always grow and the things you believe you can not survive without shoves off one day and you somehow make it through. That's life. Listen to your inner self whenever you feel deserted. You did it and you will always be able to do it. Your soul can always take you to a place where you belong.

  • See Yourself As A King Before People Can See You

When we are aware of our importance and specializes in an intended way, we can add excellence and elegance to everything we do and say. Only we hold the brush to color the moments in our lives in our special way.

Forgive yourself first for your failures or wrong decisions. Discharge the need to rewind a pessimistic situation over and over again in your thoughts. Don't become a hostage to the things you did in the past by always reviving or reliving your mistakes. Don't emphasize what should have, could have, or would have been the circumstances. Release it and let it go.

  • Sunsets and Sunrises in Life

Life is about finding positivist in everything. Every aspect of life is connected with the way we dealt with the situations. Every sunrise brings hope for the new day and sunset brings a sense of peace that everything is going to be alright. It serves as a promise of bright light to never let our souls end up in darkness.  Be the sun when it rains and forms your rainbow. Be the moon when life turns dark.

If you will be kind to your life, life will award you with fruits. Every day is a new day which is no less than a blessing. Embrace it, accept it, and make the most out of it. Everything you are afraid of happening will happen.

Life is not meant to be afraid of. Life is to take new challenges and learn from them. If you will stick to things, situations, or people, you will not be able to move ahead. Nothing can be achieved while staying back in one's comfort zone. You can willfully unlearn anxiety, just as you willfully learned it. Change happens when you make small consistent everyday efforts. Every day you have a choice. The entire day depends upon the mindset you wake up with.

  • What We Do Matter

All that we do, does matter. The hard work, care, dedication, efforts, and loyalty can never go in vain. Before anyone else, you should be the one to value it. Never feel pity for your situation or your life.

You matter and you should be appreciated maybe not by others but definitely by yourself. Only you can make a difference in the way you see yourself.

  • Get Hold

Stop doing whatever you are doing. Take a moment to 'Smile'. Continue doing what you were doing.

Take some time to appreciate what you have, what you did. Take a break to smile, laugh, and celebrate yourself. Find a reason to smile every day. Do whatever it takes to make you happy. Be an inspiration for your tomorrow and always deal with your failures with a smile. To become your inspiration, the best thing one can do is set up the situations for inspiration. Remember the things you achieved earlier. The easiest way is to simply comprehend the potential of inspiration and the impact it will leave on everything we do.

  • Be Your Own Inspiration

Inspire from your past, believe in yourself, and don't just give up because it is hard. Whether it’s a challenge as an individual to improve yourself, or as a student to take admission in top universities or colleges like Delhi University or IIM's or as an entrepreneur to build your name, you can always get through all of this by getting inspired by yourself.


Inspiration has different definitions for different people. It's an inner flame that kicks inside you to make you feel the passion and motivation inside you to do something. If the flame burns out while you start doing something, instead of worrying keep striving and revive that primary feeling and emotion that inspired you to do marvels.