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Startups are looking for Coworking Spaces with a Sense of Attic

Startups are looking for Coworking Spaces with a Sense of Attic

Wednesday May 22, 2019,

3 min Read


In a country where ideas are sparking and thriving at an intimidating pace, finding a formal place to work out those ideas is still a glitch. Co-working spaces in Bangalore have lately become the trending trades and for good reason too. As widely held as freelancing and startups are, they are hampered with the issues of finding a suitable place to work at all times.

Now all the companies betrothed in the business of co-working spaces recently; has announced some path-breaking additions which are going to change the way co-working spaces are seen today. Going through a tour of what they have to offer is a good idea!

Complaisance at its best

While working on a much-desired venture, housekeeping and management of basic amenities can be a headache. The guys at Co-working space provide ground staff for the client assistance along with office maintenance, security system, and housekeeping services. They even have dedicated support staff on board with them who can take care of your IT needs (if you want), which is not a common thing observed in established co-working spaces yet.

Office needs available on the go

Whether it is the color or black and white printers, or physical email handling units, or the cardinal internet connection, they have all the office consumables one can think of. With terrific formal stationary support on each level of the building along with amazing support staff, you can feel the smoothness while working in the space. They offer internet connectivity in both hard-wired Ethernet connections and a dedicated Wi-Fi as well.

No Screams for Basic Amenities

Just imagine the scene where an office employee is complaining about a shortage of water or a power cut? Well, this co-working space does not go there. With all-round amenities throughout the day like drinking water, internet, power backup, and house security; there will be no screams for shortage as long as the office hours prevail.

Everlasting impressions on the client

It is the utmost priority of every co-working space client that the organization is well equipped with infrastructure that can help them impress their clients. At Co-working space, one gets a dedicated projector along with a nifty digital display and writing boards. So that when you are going for a presentation, all you have to worry about is the content and not the cosmetics.

Short breaks made better with complimentary coffees

It is vital that employees should enjoy their break when at work. Co-working Space understands this and so it offers coffee vending machines for its clients and visitors so they can have a fun and relaxing break. To facilitate those who have come to visit the company, an air-conditioned waiting lounge is also in the basket accompanied in the bouquet of services.

Conclusion :

Start-ups, who want to scale fast, Starting their office in co-working space with a sense of Attic is very important .