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Why Should Startups & SMEs Need To Focus On Android Application Development?

The mobile app for startups is having limited budget and resources, which is required to be used strategically to gain optimum output. Hence, Android is the best development platform for both Startups & SMEs to develop and maintain mobile apps as compared to iOS.

Why Should Startups & SMEs Need To Focus On Android Application Development?

Friday June 19, 2020,

7 min Read

Do you know there are over 2.7 billion smartphone users worldwide? And the revenue generated every year with android apps is in billions. What if your startup business joins this race? It will provide you with the host of advantages that includes brand recognition, robust functionality, higher profits and more.

Wondering how? Find out in this article.

Today, there has been a paradigm shift from offline store to online, from website to mobile app. And it should be too. In this continually rising percentage of smartphone users, android app development is the best decision that an entrepreneur should make for its startup business.

What stats speak?

According to the recent mobile app development stats, there are currently 2.8 million apps available in the Google Play Store, whereas Apple App Store has only 2.2 million apps available for download. 

Number of apps available for download

Additionally,  95% of the android apps are available free, and customers love the free stuff. The global mobile app can reach 189 billion dollars by 2020. No wonder the Android world is booming, its penetration rate is growing at a constant pace with no downfalls.

What are the android app development benefits for business? 

The mobility factor of Android phones is relentlessly shaping the industries in the market. In the past few years, mobile has overtaken desktop convention, and the gap is increasing day by day. It's no more a contact device, it's beyond and now occupied an essential place in our lives.

All these factors give potent reasons to go for android app development in your new venture. Below, I have mentioned a couple of other vital reasons and its benefits. 

Let's take a closer look at it and understand better. Here we go...

Benefits of Android App Development for Startups & SMEs

Ample Opportunities

There are millions of downloads made every day across the globe from Google Play Store. It shows that users deliberately look for innovative apps to fulfil their needs in more comfortable and faster ways.

Here, you get an essential area to target your potential audience with the app. For this, you should hire an android app developer to develop a custom application that fits your business and requirements best.

If the startup industries concentrate on android app development, establish the right resources in the place and showcase their innovative capability, then there is a door open with ample opportunities in the market for your business.

Higher Productivity

In android app development, there are a large number of code libraries available for use, and it can save the developer's lot of time. With the readily available scripts, you can save significant time and come with feature-rich applications developed from scratch.

Thus a developer can attain higher productivity and launch the application in the market faster. This improves the products' time to market and also give time to devise strategies that can foster your business growth and serve the customer better.

Higher Returns on Investments

Android is an open-source platform; the development costs less and allows the developers to access the SDK and development tools for free.

And not just this, there's a large pool of android app developers available in the market with the updated skillset. Therefore, startups need to invest in the app marketing and experienced resources which are readily available.

In return, it comes up with the profit yielding results with high ROI.

Open App Distribution Globally

Well, let me tell you one thing that Google is the biggest market in the internet world. The applications are sold and distributed over its unique platform, i.e. Google Play Store, where millions of apps are downloaded every year.

If we back into 2016, then there are more than 11.1 billion apps downloaded in Q1. 

It gives you to control over the app publishing,  publish it on your preferred time and as often as you want to. Even you can decide your target audience if you wish to target specific fragments or global users.

It lets you decide whether the app should be paid or available free for the users. Thus, you get full control in the market with your app, and you can drive your business in your way with ease.

Feature-Rich Applications

With Android, you can develop a fully dynamic and tailor-made application. It provides easy in-house customisations so that you can launch a feature-rich app in the market. The set of development tools and open-source code libraries let you create an interactive application with enhanced UI.

The apps with the user-friendly design are likely to have a high number of downloads in the market as it attracts the users first and gives better recognition in the market.

Thus, the feature-rich and user-friendly mobile application can boost the customer experience as well as sales.


Every business has different management and operational procedures. Judicially handling the whole operations, needs a mobile business app that is compatible and interoperable with the third-party applications running on the cross platforms. There are many systems working hand in hand, and the mobile app can aid the operations well.

And here the android platform has proven successful as it is such a business app that can interoperate with the applications on cross platforms.

Easily Available Resources

Though android SDK and its developers are available easily today in the market, there are many mobile app development companies in India providing skilled android app developers for your business. They help the startup companies to recruit the best and essential skills in less time and start working on the development process.

Additionally, in the case of attrition or getting unsatisfactory results, the startup can quickly get their refund. Therefore, android app development companies can promptly fulfil the need of human resource skills in the startups and build a robust mobile app.

Better Marketing Channels

Android has a significant benefit over the iOS platform, as here you are not restricted to submit your application on a single platform, i.e. Google Play Store. You can submit your app on the various third-party platforms. Though it needs verification from the platform you are sending, it's not a headache.

Besides this, Android empowers businesses to market their app more effectively. As it’s tough to compete with millions of apps on Google Play Store, but the right marketing strategies can sort this issue and provide higher visibility.

Additionally, you can select multiple marketing plans to promote your app on Google Play Store and get higher downloads.

What have we learnt?

Android vs iOS

Budget and resource allocation is a significant concern for every startup company in the market. They have to be particular about their choices and investments. In this regard, moving to the android platform turns out to be the best and smart decision. 

Let's remind its benefits with the quick checklist:

  • Saves cost and resources both
  • Targets potential customers
  • Provides strong brand recognition
  • Market products and services best
  • Reduces TTM (Time To Market)
  • Enhanced security
  • Innovation Scope

Therefore, jumping on the android app platform is a best and smart decision for a startup business. Its booming popularity that lures users is another major reason behind developing an android app. 

With an in-depth reading of this blog, now you will be well enough to showcase the role of android apps in your startup business. So, consult with an android app development company and launch your business app in the market.

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