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3 Major Changes Brought to My Life as a DIY Jewellery Blogger

3 Major Changes Brought to My Life as a DIY Jewellery Blogger

Monday January 20, 2020,

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The moment you realise you true talent and start enjoying your work, your life completely change. From working with corporate to start-ups to making an effort at reselling realized my true talent- DIY Jewellery Blogger has incredibly changed my life.

The biggest change I have experienced in blogging is actively working throughout the day without getting tired. This made me a better version of myself, and more organised.

Being a DIY Jewellery Blogger brought 3 Major Changes in my life 

DIY Jewellery blogging isn’t something I have planned but surely bringing me to new heights. I launched my online venture under the amazing mentorship by Akriti Mattu. She has a massive experience in digital marketing and a Founder of Budget Wayfarers. Not only she helped me in taking my career to the next level but also transformed my life.

3 Major changes as a work from home professional that changed my life:

1.  Improved Lifestyle- Being a DIY jewellery blogger had incredibly improved my lifestyle. I am more organised and learned to manage both home as well as my brand despite distractions.

2.  Self-Decision Making- Self decision making is very important for an entrepreneur. By working from home as a solopreneur taught me to overcome from all the odds of life professional and personally by managing outside distractions. Challenges made a solution-oriented person.

3.  Constant Learning- I sincerely believe in conviction of “Growing by Learning” that help to level up my career graph. Learning process should be ongoing even if we are expert. During the course of my journey as a freelancer, I learned not to stop learning. Whether you are a full-time employee or a remote working professional we must stay upgraded. I take pride to share that I am a Certified Digital Sales Professional By Google.  

Furthermore, DIY Jewellery Blogging has proved a boon to my career. This wouldn’t have been possible without getting clarity from a mentor who has already worked in the same profession.

5 Signs That will Make You an Entrepreneur

If you are planning to level up here are 5 signs of an entrepreneur.

1.  Creative

If you have a creative mindset and doesn’t want to work like a robot. It’s a first sign you are an entrepreneur.

2.  Love Experimenting Ideas

I sincerely believe, an entrepreneurial mindset is similar to that of a scientist. A scientist strives to think new ways and fearlessly experiement ideas and work on the failures. If you have this quality, you are likely to become an entrepreneur.

3.  Risk Taker

By risk taker, I mean taking small calculative risks, execute them and try out new strategies to accelerate your startup business. If you are fearless risk taker and doesn’t afraid take up challenges, then you are an entrepreneur.

4.  Innovative

Innovative ideas change the world. An entrepreneur work smartly and implement innovative ideas as per the changing environment and customer preferences.

5.  Constant Learner

An entrepreneur cope up with changing business trends by upgrading skills and learning.

Being a DIY jewellery blogger, everyday is a new learning and it keeps me active all day. If learning is your passion you will shine as entrepreneur.

The above 5 qualities truly means you don’t want a monotonous life that doesn’t let you learn new aspects.

My Biggest Inspiration is Thomas Alva Edision, a legend who invented BULB and shed light to the world with his utmost dedication and trials.

On this note, I would like to mention his popular quote “I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas Alva Edison

This quote truly change the perspective about failures and now I feel we shouldn’t be afraid to take the plunge and keep moving despite the failures. If something doesn’t work out, change your technique not the goal.

Being a DIY Jewellery Blogging Awakened my Inner Craftsperson

Being a DIY Jewellery Blogger connects me to my inner soul and creativity drives me throughtout the day. This transformation made me realize the significance of mentorship sessions by my Respected Guru, Akriti. She held my hand and awakened my creativity which I left some decades back. It feels wonderful to work as DIY Jewellery Artist.

Being a DIY Jewellery blogger : My First Creation

I am thrilled to share my first creation at SHE ALLURE which I recommend to all aspiring entrepreneurs and that is – Wooden Bracelet. This is super easy and I love sharing tutorials with my fellow artists.

Take a quick look at my first creation

My First Creation: Wooden Bracelet

My First Creation at SHE Allure

At She Allure, I encourage women at home to design craft and curate fashion jewellery. I am willing to teach anyone who has the heart to learn. It is my intent to guide women to be successful as freelance DIY jewellery designers, earn a decent passive or fulltime income and enter their first step towards mini entrepreneurship.

Empowering your livelihood by taking things in your own hands using your own talent, expertise and innovation – This is my mission. It's high time that we create jewellery that is low on carbon footprint, eco friendly and novel. Making a mark in the jewellery industry and pushing more women to do the same is what I intend to achieve.

My journey began a long time back. Now its time to make it more inclusive.