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Top 10 Ways to Save Money When Starting a Business

Top 10 Ways to Save Money When Starting a Business

Monday February 04, 2019,

8 min Read

save up money

We tend to be entertained by huge successful business stories in newspapers, online articles, and magazines. And, the most interesting and integral part of such stories is the tips to save up money when starting a business. Because money is the most valuable asset when you start a business. 

 It all starts with a feasible idea. For instance, mega-corporations, super successful business, internet sensations, and the like are the result of such viable ideas. Such promising ideas result in starting up business ventures by risking savings. 

The journey was full of challenges that were faced and conquered by virtue of valuable information, instincts, and wise decisions. All these took the businesses to the level worthy of taking pride.

This blog will give you the top 10 tips to save money as a startup from the lesson learned from successful giant businesses.

10 tips to save up money when starting a Business:  

1.Start your business from home 

saving up money

It’s wise and economical to use your own house as your little office, especially when starting a business.

Doing so, you will save a great deal of money. Don’t forget this English famous proverb ‘ a penny saved is a penny earned’. 

It will save you from the unbearable headache of additional rent, bills, and charges. The saved money can be further invested in inventory, raw material, or anything seeming promising, fruitful.

Using your home as your office will require you to have a sufficient amount of space to store your raw material, goods, or completed products. Moreover, it will be more secure and convenient, thus giving you a relaxed mind to use somewhere else. 

2. Save costs using used equipment 

Remember that not only new equipment will be costly for you, but your negligence, due to lack of experience, can bring about a fault in them, thus forcing you to get it repaired by spending more money. 

Successful businessmen advise us to use used equipment to save costs and risks. 

Remember when nothing is certain and you are not sure whether your business will be successful or not, then you should make every step wisely. 

So, consider the beginning stage of your business for trying and testing. Investing your whole saving can be imprudent, as it involves risks. So, avoid such risks by not spending on new equipment. 

You’d better go to well-settled companies from your industry to ask for used machinery, and you may have fully functional machinery at an affordable price. 

It’s better to get such things on lease and try to get such things at the cheapest rates. The biggest advantage is that you won’t be responsible for wear and tear when taking such machines or equipment on lease. 

3. Barter 

At the beginning of your business, you should try to save as much money as you can for its growth. Without cash, your business will never grow. So, prioritize saving up money. Doing so, you can invest money in something promising you to come across at any stage of your business. 

One of the finest ways to save up money is bartering. You can exchange the goods you have for those you need. 

Let’s take an example: if you are running a website design company, and any digital marketing company asks you to design a website for them, then you mustn’t ask for money instead of that you’d better ask them to create and run a marketing advert for you. 

You mustn’t underestimate such business survival tactics. You will definitely have so many opportunities in which you can barter and save up money. Just keep your mind on it and do it better. 

4. Bank on Freelancers 

how to save up

As we are talking about how to save cash, and what can be much better than working with freelancers and part-time workers. Hiring a permanent employee will disrupt your saving planning. 

Permanent employees tend to ask for allowances that will be beyond your budget.  So, what to do to ward off such problems? 

Never hire someone permanently. For example, if your computer system has an issue, then you don’t have to hire a computer expert for that. All you have to do is to call an IT graduate to deal with such issues and solve them within a few hours and get paid. 

5. What about free software systems in the market

The Internet has won the hearts of the whole world with its magical influence these days. They can sort out all your problems, technically. There are innumerable software systems available that can help you manage your entire business and activities. All you have to do is to sign up, and all will be done easily. 

Invoicing is one of the most important requirements of a business. And, like innumerable startups, you must be having issues in invoicing too. It will consume a lot of your time and effort to create invoices, send them to your customers, and manage payments. All becomes much harder when done manually. 

It’s wise to invest in an online invoice software system for easy accounting and invoicing. It is because the invoice online option is much faster and cheaper. Moreover, you don’t need to hire more employees. 

The latest technology-enabled integrated mobile apps having invoice software ensures that your business is running properly all the time. It is completely reliable and safe. 

In the beginning, you are not required to buy the subscription, in fact, you can use the free versions for a free online invoice. In a nutshell, you are getting all free and saving your hard-earned money. 

Furthermore, you don’t need to be dependent on an accountant to manage your cash flow and books. You will be able to handle the basic flow of cash on your own. And, you can utilize an online invoicing software system to help you with all your invoices and tracking expenses. 

6. Invest cash in accounts bearing interest

When you start a business, you know it very shortly whether your business is profitable or not. If you find your business going down, it’s wise not to invest your hard earned money in it. 

Instead of this, you should invest your earned profits in something giving you sufficient interests. Doing so, you are earning money from your money without losing it. 

7. Hire employees wisely and carefully 

how to save up money

The more experienced employees you hire, the more you have to pay. So, to save costs, don’t hire such employees. A well-planned strategy is very important here. To get the best results, you don’t need to hire only experienced employees. Usually, new talents with new ideas bring something new and creative to your business. Use your eagle eye to find such promising candidates.

You don’t face too many complications in your business at the beginning stage, so, don’t worry about hiring the best business experts in the world. Only hire those who are capable of dealing with simple issues and helping you run your business. 

It’s better to hire interns first and then fill their minds with the required knowledge and experience. It will make simple for both of you to understand the work, culture, and environment, resulting in better commitment towards work. 

8. Have negotiations with vendors

The better communication you have with your business-related people, the better understanding will be in such people. When it comes to vendors, be very loyal to win their trust and make them relaxed working with you. 

Doing so, you have to negotiate with your vendors for better deals. It’s wise to keep your vendors aware of your business, plans, and situation. Their valuable advice will help you, making easier for you to achieve your goals. 

One of the finest ways to manage vendors is by taking goods on credit terms and paying when all the goods are sold. It is better because you will sell the products on behalf of your vendors and make profits without investing. 

9. Pay later 

At the beginning of any business, in-cash flow amount is more than out cash flow. To keep all stable, you can defer some payment for a short time on a signed contract or agreement. 

It will make easier to buy more goods with the money that was saved. And, when your goods are sold, you will be able to pay them with the profit. This strategy is not less than a ladder that leads to success. 

10. Buy Goods/Raw materials in a large amount

When you buy goods/raw materials in bulk, you are benefited from bulky discounts and offers given by your vendors. Doing so, you will earn more money than you earned before. So, if you have goods that do not expire easily, then you must buy them in a large amount and save a handsome amount of money. 


Having read this blog, you must have known how to save up money for your business. The tips given here are easy to follow and implement.

Startups should save as much money as they can to take further risks for their business growth. 

One of the finest ways for cash management is to properly manage accounts receivables and payables by picking an advanced online invoice software system capable of managing your whole business.