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Air quality in India has degraded so much that it is not healthy for any of the citizens to breathe unfiltered air. Not to mention that some cities have been marked under the “severe” category making the air toxic unbreathable for the residents.


Friday September 13, 2019,

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Air quality in India has degraded so much that it is not healthy for any of the citizens to breathe unfiltered air. Not to mention that some cities have been marked under “severe” category making the air toxic unbreathable for the residents.

As an individual, we can take different measures to organically improve the air quality around us. Growing air purifying plants, eating healthy food, ventilating our homes and cars, drinking herbal tea, etc. are some of the ways to do that. But you should not risk your lives till these steps purify the air. For quick and effective solutions for air pollution, help of air pollution masks and air purifiers should be taken. Air masks are suitable for the areas where air pollution is minimal as they are able to provide the user with healthy and breathable air. Yet, wearing these masks over your nose and mouth all the time could be frustrating. Hence, air purifiers are considerably the best way to get relief form air pollution in India instantly. Home air purifiers and personal air purifiers are the two must have options that you are looking for.

When air purifier term is used, all you imagine is a lot of money that you will have to step in order to buy an effective one. But it is nothing like that; instead there are a number of air purifiers that are affordable as well as effective. Here’s a list of some of the best air purifiers under just Rs 10,000!

1)   AirTamer A310 Personal Air Purifier


The AirTamer A310 runs on latest advanced ionic technology to get dust, allergens, smoke, and germs out of your way. This credit card sized machine uses Power Boost Technology and emits two million negative ions per second. It creates a 3-feet spherical zone of cleaner air around your head if worn around the neck with the provided strap. It is also proven to protect you from harmful effects of passive smoking. 

AirTamer can be easily charged with the USB cable and its battery lasts for more than 150 hours. This personal air purifier makes absolutely no noise as it does not have any in-built motors or fans. It comes in two colors-white and black and is exclusively available on globalkart.com, amazon.in and PayTm mall.

The A310 is highly recommended and appreciated for its purifying ability, energy-efficient operation, and low maintenance costs. 

2)   Honeywell Air Touch A5

Honeywell Air Touch A5

Honeywell indoor air purifier has a CADR of 250 m/h making it efficient to purify the air of a room size of up to 323 square feet. It uses washable HEPA filter to remove large pollutants like hair, pet dander, etc.

It is an ozone-free purifier and uses three-stage filtration process to clean the air around you. For a daily usage of 8 hours, the filter can work for about a year. To add to the aesthetics, the purifier is available in white and gold color options. You can see the buying options on Amazon and Flipkart.

3)   Philips 1000 Series

Philips 1000 Series

The Philips air purifier automatically senses the ambient light and turns to night mode in which it makes minimum noise. You will get a clear indication of the air quality around you which are indicated by four indicator lights.

The purifier is ozone-free and can eliminate particles up to 0.02 microns, which makes it a reliable purification device. The CADR of the purifier is 270 m3/h and can be purchased for around 9K online.

4)    Xiaomi Mi 2

Xiaomi Mi 2

This is the second and better iteration of the original Mi air purifier and takes the efficiency a notch above. Mi is a popular brand known for making quality products available at a reasonable price. This air purifier comes with a unique cylindrical HEPA filter that also has activated carbon layer for an all-round protection.

It can filter the air of a room of 400 square feet in less than 10 minutes and it efficiently takes care of the minute particles. It can be connected to the Mi Home app to monitor it in the real-time. The purifier is available on Amazon and Flipkart.

5)   INVISICLEAN IC-103 Personal Air Purifier

INVISICLEAN IC-103 Personal Air Purifier

The InvisiClean IC-103 uses ionic technology to eliminate air pollutants around you. It generates nearly 3 million ions per second to keep the air around you safe to breathe. Invisiclean can be worn around the neck or waist with the provided strap and belt clip.

The built-in fan can be turned on if one wants to maximize its coverage. With the fan on, it covers an area of nearly 50 sq. ft. around it. However, the fan can bring its battery life to just 8 hours but the purifier runs for good 240 hours if the fan is turned off.

It might not be as quiet as fan-less models when the fan is in working mode but you can turn it off if the noise bothers you. This product is only available on amazon.in.