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Top 7 Tips for Creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Learn How do we create an effective Social Media Marketing strategy for an evolving segment?

Top 7 Tips for Creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Wednesday August 28, 2019,

6 min Read

How do we create an effective Social Media Marketing strategy for an evolving segment? How do we keep up with constant updation and changing consumer perception?

Social Media Marketing Strategy can look simple at the outset. However, there are much more complicated than it seems. Companies are always on the lookout to create innovative promotional plans.

They create images, short videos, surveys and the list goes on. The primary goal is to capture the attention of the target group and encourage them to interact with the company.

social media marketing

social media marketing

This is, however, easier said than done. An average social media user browses through hundreds of pictures on any given day in all mediums. The challenge lies in creating innovative content which will make them pause and take action. The action might be simple as visiting the website or making the actual sales.

This task determines the success of the campaign and leads to the growth of the company. All brands and digital marketing agencies develop a solid plan to achieve this goal. Here are the top seven tips for creating a social media strategy for your product or brand.

Build a Brand Image

What is your brand message? What is the unique message that you would like to communicate with your potential target group? The profile creation in social media platforms begins with the identification of this crucial aspect.

It is vital to maintain the uniformity across all mediums. The primary step would be to select the different digital mediums based on the company and the industry. The next step is the creation of the online profiles with the finalised message.

Companies can begin by inviting their friends and contacts as the audience for their profiles. This will increase footfalls to the website and the other online profiles.

Be Consistent In The Message

There is a strong reason why most digital marketing agencies insist on maintaining the consistency of the brand message. The images and videos posted in the online medium have a longer shelf life compared to traditional marketing techniques.

The information is available for consumers to research and knows about their favourite brand. The difference in data can cause the company to lose its credibility among its consumers.

It is crucial to finalise the brand message and stick to it in social media advertising. This does not necessarily mean posting similar content. It means creating unique content that would highlight the key characteristics of the brand.

Avoid Clutter

There is a common misconception that excessive content can lead to increased visibility. Some companies even post a lot of images or videos in their social media platforms in an attempt to capture consumer attention. However, the digital medium does not give importance to quantity.

The quality of the data and the right positioning techniques determine the success of the campaign. Consumers do not like to see multiple posts by the same brand in a short duration. There is a strong likelihood that they might stop following, and it is best to avoid clutter.

Know your competitor

Competitors come in various forms and types. All brands have direct and indirect competitors who offer similar kind of products. It is essential to have a thorough understanding of them in order to promote the services.

The digital age provides various platforms to keep track of the competition. Companies should know about the key strengths, product profile and distinguishing factors about the significant players in the industry.

 In addition to the necessary details, it is vital to keep track of the campaigns and promotions of social media competitors. This will help the company to plan counteractive activities to stay ahead of the race.

Segregate your audience

Consumer profiling is one of the critical aspects of marketing. There is a little scope of this segmentation in the offline promotional techniques. The mass marketing mediums do not allow the companies to create target specific adverts.

However, the online medium is the best place to experiment with segment oriented advertising. Most social media advertising and websites allow companies to separate customers based on their age, gender, location, etc.

Brands can also conduct customized campaigns on the basis of their interests and search behavior. It is vital to create a promotion schedule for different categories of people to avoid confusion and measure the results.

Balance the organic and paid promotions

Should we or shouldn’t we is the question when it comes to social media marketing strategy. This is a relatively new segment, and companies are quite reluctant to make a move.

However, there is a distinctive difference between organic and paid promotions. Organic images and videos help the brand to stay connected with their existing audience. The paid promotions are crucial to targeting new consumers with similar interest profiles.

It is important to identify the balance between organic and paid promotions to increase visibility for your product or brand in the digital medium.

Conduct regular performance audits

The significant advantage of social media strategy is the ability to track the performance of the campaign. There are various inbuilt and external analytic tools which can be utilised to measure the promotional activities.

This analysis can be done based on multiple parameters, which helps the brands to manage their undertakings. The ideal step would be segregate the target group based on different aspects.

The audits can ensure that the promotion reaches the right category of consumers. It is essential to define the targets and work towards achieving them.

All digital mediums allow companies to conduct these performance audits to help them improve their visibility.

As we discuss the tips and tricks in this social media world, it is critical to understand the things to avoid. The wrong action can cause more harm than good. It might have a severe impact on the credibility of the brand.

Every content in the social media page is a reflection of the company’s values. It is important to monitor the images and videos utilised for the purpose closely.

Always remember that the consumer is the end-user rather than the metric system. This balance determines the success of the social media marketing strategy.