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Top Five Logo Design Tools In 2019

Top Five Logo Design Tools In 2019

Thursday March 14, 2019,

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Achieving business success in this highly competitive digital business world is not a cakewalk. Many factors come into play to make it possible for a business to be reckoned as a successful organization-- factors like quality of products offered features and customer support services. Along with these factors, a unique visual identity also plays an important part in the journey to success. That unique identity is commonly known as a logo.

Logo designing plays a pivotal role in business branding and product marketing. Whether you are running a small or medium-sized business or huge organizations, proper and targeted marketing is important for increasing sales and profits. When it comes to branding a product nothing works more effectively than a well-designed logo. Promoting a product in this hyper-digitized world without a logo is nearly impossible.

A logo is the first symbol that your customers see, and without an impactful and appealing logo, one can’t build a brand reputation. Whether it’s the digital marketplaces or the offline marketplaces, a well-designed logo is not only a powerful tool to accelerate a company’s profits and sales rates, but it provides your company with the means of instant recognition. That’s why many companies pay huge amounts of money and invest a lot of resources and efforts to get an impactful and distinct visual identity.

Whether you are making a logo for your website or your fresh startup, it needs to be unique and exclusive. Your logo is not just your brand differentiator, but it also showcases your brand’s values and message. There is no better way of communication than a well-composed logo design to convey your values, business culture and message to the target audience and potential customers.

In a nutshell, a great logo is an ultimate tool for boosting the overall reputation and revenues of your business. However, a well-designed logo comes with a big price tag which is sometimes not a viable option for small and medium-sized businesses and startups. Fortunately, there are numerous technologically advanced free logo maker tools out there for people running small businesses and working with tight budgets.

You can find hundreds of logo maker and generator tools that will help you in creating professional-looking logos effortlessly. All you need is a desktop and an internet connection, and you will be with logo designing job within few minutes. The best part about these online software packages and tools is that they are cost-effective — no need to appoint a competent logo designer when you can get it done for free.

Filled with numerous free templates and editor style control, here’s a comprehensive assortment of the some of the easy-to-use and free logo maker that will be the highlight of the year 2019:

Adobe Illustrator:

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe software packages are globally regarded as the benchmark in designing and image manipulation. Filled with hundreds of innovative features and cutting-edge tools, Adobe illustrator lets you generate exceptional and professional-looking logo design and layouts.

Apart from that, this software package also includes incredible drawings and icons options. Adobe Illustrator has a vector graphics editor that ensures that your created logo design is appropriately scaled and meets your design requirements. This tool not only allows you to add graphics effects and filters but is type tools let you add a textual part in your logo design.

Through Adobe illustrator you can add texts, filters and can even manage and tweak individual design elements to enhance the visual appeal of the design. The unique feature of this platform is that it supports SVG OpenType fonts which usually involve various colors, transparencies and multiple gradients. So if you are looking for a complete graphics and logo design software package, then Adobe illustrator has the solution for every graphic and logo design requirement and demand.



When it comes to online tools and apps, Canva is the gold standard of graphic and logo designing applications. Canva is not just ideal for logo designing rather its multiple features and tools lets you design and create high-quality banners, cards, posters, invites and much more.

This online application is filled with hundreds of free templates and base layouts to make the designing job easier and simpler for you. This tool includes an online editor which allows the users to add and customize every design element and the overall design layout with ease. Simply drag and drop the chosen design element in its desired position and once you are done with placing the element, you can even tweak and resize them to add a nice touch to it.

Although most of the design layouts, elements and templates are free, a few of them are only accessible to premium account holders. The best part about this online designing tool is that is has a mobile application too which means you can access your design and edit it on the go.

Ease of access and excellent design option and features are some of the key reasons as to why Canva is one of the most widely-used and preferred online designing tools. Another great feature of Canva includes the availability of an animation tool which is used many designing and whiteboard animation video studio to create incredible animated content.


logojoy logo

As technology is progressing and thriving in every sector, the design industry is no different from it. With a rapid surge in demand of Ai, it has been integrated into almost every device and tool. From smartphones to home assistants, everything sounds and works better with AI. Maybe that’s why logo joy was created, one of the latest and most advanced additions in the design industry.

This AI-powered online design tool lets you create exceptional logo designs with minimum efforts. Simply enter the basic information about your brand and choose any one of the already designed logos and let the AI-activated design engine do its job. This design tool is capable of generating hundreds of logo designs relevant to your market and industry niche.

Once the designing process is completed, you can use its various editing and styling options to fine-tune your design elements and font styles. The purchased files of PNG and vector graphics and logos can be used on every marketing medium and platform.



Widely-known for minimalistic logo designs, Logaster lets you create high-quality and crisp logo designs at minimum charges. The low-resolution design file is free for download while the high-resolution file comes with a subscription fee. This online design offers simple and minimalistic design templates and layouts.

The logo designing process is relatively simple and easy. All you have to do is to choose your design template, and once you have added the elements, you can change the colors of the elements and layouts. This platform offers unique and innovative logo designs which look great on different platforms and mediums.



Commonly known as the website building platform, Squarespace also offers its users with an advanced logo making and designing tool. This newly integrated logo making tool offers a variety of simple and minimalistic designs that are perfect for you if you are looking for unique and easy-to-create logo design options.

The tool also provides you with customizable icons and other design options and elements that you can modify as per your design requirements. You can download the low-resolution logo design for free while the high-resolution design comes with a subscription fee.