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Top 10 Religion & Spirituality Podcasts

Here is a list of the top 10 religion and spirituality podcasts that people all over the world are listening.

Top 10 Religion & Spirituality Podcasts

Wednesday April 22, 2020,

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Religion and spirituality are often clubbed together. But the fact is, they are different. A religious person follows an established religious order like Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, etc. These have huge numbers of followers. There are also religions like Bahaism, Judaism, and Zoroastrianism which have much smaller followings. Religious people may worship idols, holy books, relics, etc. Those who are spiritual are not always religious, in the sense that they follow a particular religion. Often, they believe that they are responsible for their own evolution and destiny.

Top 10 Religion & Spirituality Podcasts

Whether you are interested in religion or spirituality, if you want to know more about either, listening to religious or spiritual podcasts is one good way to satisfy your curiosity, and seek more information. There are many religious and spiritual podcasts online, and some of them are free too. 

Here is a list of the top 10 religion and spirituality podcasts that people all over the world are listening to: 

1.AstroVed’s Astrology Podcast

Vedic Astrology is a product of ancient India. Along with Yoga and Ayurveda, it arose in Vedic times, and it’s both a practical and spiritual science. This divine knowledge is the legacy of several wise Sages who lived many centuries ago. Vedic astrology illuminates our life and purpose on earth. AstroVed’s Astrology Podcast uses Vedic astrology to provide answers to many vexing questions about life. Vedic astrology gives importance to Moon Signs rather than Sun Signs. In this podcast, expert astrologers talk about the impact of the planets in heaven on the life and destiny of humans on earth. There are interesting discussions on Planetary Transits, Moon Phases, Dasa and Bhukti periods, etc. You can also listen to enlightening and uplifting messages and talks by AstroVed founder, Dr. Bhaskaran Pillai, on this best podcasts which is absolutely Free!  

2. Joel Osteen Podcast

This is a free ministry resource. Each week, Joel and Victoria Osteen deliver messages that last around half an hour. Their messages cater to individuals and families as well as communities throughout the world. The show’s aim is to help people who may be facing problems or hardships or those who simply need some sort of spiritual and religious sustenance to cope with life. The messages are encouraging and positive.

3. Timothy Keller Sermons Podcast by Gospel in Life

Timothy Keller is the pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York City. His preachings have a lot of clarity and are rendered with tact. They are also very intelligent and compelling.

4. Crazy Love Podcast

Francis Chan is the host of this show. His sermons have the power to move hearts. The top-notch production quality makes them a joy to listen to. Francis Chan’s messages are moving and truthful. They bring hope and succor to those who hear them.

5. Joyce Meyer Radio Podcast

The podcast strives to explain to people how to apply the Bible to all aspects of their lives. It also speaks of the importance of being of service to the world around us. The show has a mission, which is to make a difference to the world. It offers humanitarian aid, donates food and clothes to the needy, serves the elderly, orphans, and widows, visits prisoners, and reaches out to everyone who needs help.

6. Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast

This podcast is a conversation that aims to help leaders achieve more. Andy Stanley is a pastor, author, communicator, and the founder of North Point Ministries, which is in Alpharetta, Georgia. The podcast is very useful for leaders not only within the church but also outside of it.

7 The Village Church – Sermons

The Village Church strives to bring glory to God. Its aim is to create disciples through worship, community, service, and multiplication, all centered on the gospel. The host is Matt Chandler. Filled with truth and sincerity, it mixes good humor mixed with theology. It is good for seminarians as well as new believers and also those in between.

8. Bethel Church Sermon of the Week

Bill Johnson is the host of this show. It speaks with passion about God and people. Revival is its mission and it aims to expand God’s kingdom in the personal, regional, and global spheres. Johnson’s messages are truly inspiring and infect people with hope and cheer.

9. Joyce Meyer Ministries TV Podcast

An inspiring podcast by Joyce Meyer and her ministries. Joyce’s message has power and her teachings from the Bible are delivered in a strong and beautiful voice that grows on you. Her uplifting messages often have a positive impact on the lives of her listeners.

10. The Potter's Touch

The Potter's Touch is a weekly program, hosted by Bishop T.D. Jakes. It deals with current topics and confronts hidden issues that leave invisible scars on the human psyche. The podcast is focused on healing and restoration. It reaches out to those who are hurting inside, unable to voice their pain and fear, by discussing taboo topics. It tries to come up with practical and spiritual solutions for difficult questions.

So, whether religion or spirituality is your cup of tea, take your pick. Happy Listening!

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