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VPS Hosting Server Has A Two In One Nature

VPS Hosting Server Has A Two In One Nature

Tuesday January 08, 2019,

3 min Read

VPS hosting stands for Virtual private server that has a dedicated part in commercial server hard drive.  VPS hosting is one server where hosting your web will be a good deal. As on the other hand, if you plan to install and manage the entire site on your own, that would require many resources. It also requires a great deal of time and energy and it will cost you higher. However, hiring a small space on a server would be much more convenient and economical.

There are different hosting Types

Shared: In case your website is new then the idea to hire a little space on the server is a better option. Here you would share space with 100's of other websites.

Dedicated: In case you own a huge website, which is popular and has a good traffic on it, then in that case you can plan to rent the entire server.

VPS: In case if you are not sure which one is better suited for your website and the organization then you may opt for VPS hosting. How does your VPS system work?

VPS is a virtual machine built from computer's architectures, which provides the features and functions of a physical server. This server allows its clients to upload their operating systems and software apps of their choice. It also permits the clients to install or reinstall an operating system. Boot & reboot the server themselves. The fact that these spaces are created via a software they can be rebuilt very easily.

Benefits of VPS hosting

VPS hosting is beneficial, as it will make you experience all the benefits of using a shared hosting. VPS hosting lets you enjoy good control & power over a website just like dedicated server.

Privacy:  VPS hosting helps you keep your website safe, as it does not allow sharing operating system with other web masters.

Customization:  As you will be the only one on the server, you will be allowed to access your operating system individually, which in return will also allow you to use all the servers programs. Being the only one, you can customise the server according to your organization and its needs.

Control: At times, you may require new server or apps. This would also need a system restart. You can shut and re open your system without disturbing other servers. You can do this with ease even if you share the server with other servers.

Dedicated resource: If you go for dedicated VPS hosting then you can enjoy the whole RAM by yourself, but in case of a shared resource the RAM will also be shared by the other servers.

How would know whether you require VPS hosting or not?

1. In case your shared hosting account has reached its limit

2. Now you believe that you need a complete access to your servers & resources

3. Privacy is the most important aspect and you think you require it for your website and resources

4. You do not want to share and do not require any neighbours

5. You plan to have your own OS and applications6. You want to get rid of server management and reduce your workload

7. Last but most important you now decide to not spend a huge amount in buying expensive dedicated server hosting service

VPS hosting is the most favourable choice if you are looking for a hosting option.  It has a 2 in 1 benefit. It has performance power, the flexibility and security measure similar to that of a dedicated server and it has affordability like a shared hosting server.