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What are the Best Customer Feedback Tools to Use for Enterprise?

This article shows that piHappiness stands out as the top customer feedback tool (simple-to-use interface, effective features, and affordable pricing) among all the tools reviewed.

What are the Best Customer Feedback Tools to Use for Enterprise?

Saturday July 20, 2019,

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In today’s competitive business environment, your customers are spoilt for choice. So, it is important to comprehend why they selected your product or service. Customer feedback software can aid you in this task. The best way to understand the customer experience is to ask them directly.


Gain Insights with a Customer Feedback App

With an effective customer experience software, you can directly engage your prospects and buyers, measure their experience, and enhance their satisfaction. Further, you can spot unhappy consumers and improve your service or product to decrease churn.

In this article, we review a few top customer feedback tools from which you can select the most fitting one for your enterprise.


piHappiness - Customer Feedback App

piHappiness is a cloud-hosted customer feedback app and survey platform that can be used by single and multiple location businesses. Key features of this program include survey management, action management, feedback management, customer segmentation, real-time notifications, trend analysis, sentiment analysis, and more. The software offers emoticons to gauge consumers’ happiness levels and shows NPS (Net Promoter Score) in a central dashboard. It also helps you to define and edit service categories and comprehend reasons behind buyer feedback.

You can use the application’s Customer Demographic feature to capture and store consumers’ personal details like name, gender, age, contact number, and email address. The program offers an analytics engine and custom reporting tools that you can access remotely via Android and iOS devices. The vendor delivers prompt and reliable support to resolve your concerns swiftly and help you make effective use of the software.


Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is a leading online survey solution that presents a range of functionalities. However, as a customer happiness app it is no match for piHappiness as it does not offer tools to track, manage, or analyze customer feedback and you need to use other products for them.


With Survey Monkey, you can create basic surveys and share them with customers by sending a link to them. Customization options are limited and you’ll not be able to do much by way of personalizing or branding your surveys. However, there is a free plan for simple needs so this solution is ideal for creating and sharing uncomplicated and straightforward surveys.




If you want a customer feedback software that integrates smoothly with your marketing and other platforms, go for Survicate as it works well with Hub Spot, Slack, Mail Chimp, and more. The application makes it easy to gather feedback from your website visitors, include surveys in emails, and capture feedback from users of your mobile application.

For basic needs, you can opt for the free Essentials plan. The paid Professional package offers features such as sophisticated survey targeting, export of survey results, and branding and design customization. The top plan is Ultimate which gives you access to premium capabilities like work spaces for teams and domains, two-factor authentication, and more.


Use Response

This is an efficient customer feedback app and supports tools that cover all the essentials to set up your service squad to succeed. The product’s knowledge management module helps you develop a knowledge base and produce branded community portals to share documentation. Further, you can build your FAQs and categorize your knowledge base content using a single interface.

The software also offers a feedback module, a multi-channel help desk tool in which AI automates ticket assignments, and a live chat feature that integrates with leading communication channels.

Client Heartbeat

Client Heartbeat

Client Heartbeat is a powerful customer feedback system that allows you to use emails to easily deliver surveys to your consumers and measure their satisfaction over time. A highlight feature of this application is the ability to compare your company’s customer happiness scores with those of your competitors.

Client Heartbeat enables you to automate survey delivery as it sends them based on set time periods, like three or six months. Simply set the program and forget about it, and later you can measure your product performance over time.


This article shows that piHappiness stands out as the top customer satisfaction survey software among all the tools reviewed. With piHappiness simple-to-use interface, effective features, and affordable pricing, you can learn how your enterprise ranks in terms of consumer service and satisfaction. You can use the captured feedback to create new products and proactively resolve issues at an early stage to ensure your customers receive the best experience possible.