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Who needs lead generation forms? Appy Pie’s Chatbot Builder Is Killing It

Who needs lead generation forms? Appy Pie’s Chatbot Builder Is Killing It

Tuesday May 21, 2019,

5 min Read

You ask any sales team about generating leads, and they might utter a phrase like “Climbing Everest”. It’s not a walk in the park, maintaining a steady flow of new prospects.

Traditionally, ‘Lead Generation Forms’ have been the trump card for sales teams. But again, hardly anyone would argue, if I say that the whole process of getting those leads is pretty clerical and boring.

It’s one-way traffic, where a visitor just fill in the details with no intent or involvement on the other side, because, a form cannot interact. So, for a visitor, the process is not experiential by any stretch of the imagination. Today, a product is an experience, therefore the funnel to bring in more customers should be an experience in itself.

Now that there are Chatbots, not just the dumb ones but intelligent and intuitive ones, we are getting there. Luckily, IT ecosystem never experiences inertia and exciting stuff just keep popping up, and within this ecosystem, there are exciting players. Like there is Appy Pie, who has come up with a cutting-edge, no-nonsense chatbot builder.

I must say, it’s a brilliant lead to help businesses of every scale and size. Anyone who wants to upgrade his business using technology, fears 'Coding' the most. It’s always a challenge to find the right bunch of people who can code for you. Appy Pie has neutralized this fear, as their product is a simple drag and drop, no code Chatbot Builder.

“The idea is to empower businesses by letting them build their own chatbot without any coding and that too in mere minutes. On our Chatbot Builder platform, you can create three different types of chatbots according to the functionality you desire – drive sales, offer support, and actual agent transfer. This essentially covers all the aspects of a business where a customer needs timely responses and help.”, said their CEO.

So having or not having programming skills isn’t a matter of concern anymore, and businesses can enhance their lead generation game by getting a highly intuitive Chatbot on board.

When I say that Chatbots are a better alternative to Lead Generation Forms, I say that with a lot of gumption. I am quite sure that the former will replace the latter in the coming time. I have curated a few reasons to substantiate my belief.

1. Chatbots are dynamic and far more engaging

I mean it’s quite obvious. You can’t compare a perceptive Chatbot with a static form. Let’s dig further.

If you have ever been into a visitor's shoes, you would be knowing how any kind of tedious process dampens your curiosity. As a visitor, you need someone to converse with and address all those FAQ’s floating in your head, without any fuss. Lead Generations Forms, if not presented smartly can be downright irritating, without adding any value to the interaction.

A Chatbot gives you that immersive experience. It creates that give and take scenario which keeps a visitor glued to a product. For instance, it can assist a visitor once he shows intent and requests a quote.

It can ask the visitor for more information before providing a quote. Finally, it can expedite the process and make it more conversational by asking a series of relevant questions.

So, visitors don’t feel as if their time is being wasted.

2. People likes personalization. Chatbots does that with panache

A static form appears the same to visitors from every walk of life. Each visitor meets the same experience and doesn’t receive any preferential treatment. In other words, a static form cannot be adjusted to the visitor's preferences.

Now, this is something that every visitor would want, maybe secretly, but that’s the case. Chatbots can do that, easily. Let's say, if you are a visitor and starts interacting with a Chatbot, it will collect your inputs like your name and will tailor the conversation accordingly. Like, it will address you by your name for the rest of the conversation. It’s always cool to hear your name, isn’t? You feel recognized and the conversation becomes more human-like.

The level of personalization depends on the information businesses can collect from their leads. They can create specific workflows to address different segments of visitors.

For instance, if you are into interior designing, and you provide your services in both commercial and residential spaces. The Chatbot can straightaway ask visitors about the segment they fall into, and can create a unique workflow for them.

It can streamline its questions, making the interaction more precise and less time-consuming. In other words, it can bring more relevancy to the conversation and increase the chance of a conversion.

3. You can cut the clutter or the unwanted noise using Chatbots

No matter what people say, UI and UX matter. If you want to pull in leads, you must know which element of your website should be prominent and which shouldn’t. Most businesses fail at this as there are too many distracting elements on their website. Visitors, therefore, aren’t able to sense the brand or the product, the way they should.

The ‘Call To Action’ buttons are misplaced, and more importantly, their forms are not appealing enough. This sabotages the entire conversion funnel.

If you think about Chatbots now, by their very nature, they are appealing. You simply cannot ignore them, regardless of where you place them.

Still, to get the best results, you should go for a full-screen Chatbot. There is enough data to prove that it works wonders for the conversion process, improving the rate by 5%.

I hope this write-up helped you develop a better perspective on Chatbots and the related technology. Feel free to share your views, and maybe experiences with Chatbots.