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Why node is the future?

Why node is the future?

Tuesday September 03, 2019,

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Frontend developers are putting Nodejs on their first choice. Backend developers understand the importance of Node.js. Do you need a web app? Node js is better options. Do you need a mobile app Node JS can create a miracle? Over 20 years, several Programming languages were invented, got the glory and went back to the darkness.

Nodejs Developer

It also enhanced the adaptability for the demand for custom website development. The famous languages of the time Fortran, and Pascal are not used for any application nowadays, whereas some high-level languages such as Java, Python are so efficient in their work that has become a fundamental ground for developers.

The use of these languages for the server-based implementation resulted in bigger team size with the separate developers for the front end tasks. The new bird in the development, full-stack development also does not satisfy the project needs. The dedicated and leveraged process to hire javascript developer explores its objectivity. Alone full-stack developers can't determine the success of the application, therefore the backend developers and frontend developers make use of different tools.

Until 2009, the one-stop solution was nowhere in the concept of the developers. The server-side Javascript solved the issue with the introduction of Nodejs. The single potential platform stands upfront for the entire need of backend developers, front end developers, web developers, and mobile developers.

What is Node Js

Node js is a software platform supported by the Google V8 engine. It uses event-driven and non-blocking input-output model. Apart from being efficient, NodeJs is preferred for being lightweight. The platform is supporting the largest networks such as PayPal, Linkedin, Groupon, Uber, and Netflix. Therefore, today every node js development company fetching vivid platform.

Nodejs for front end development

The giants Facebook and Google are supported by React, Angular and Vue. The advanced server-side javascript enables the developers for the amazing user experience, interactive user interface, and smooth navigation. The engaging user interface is the first requirement of any app and this is tremendously made possible with the help of Nodejs.

A rational decision to hire node.js developer quench advanced customers expectations is easily achievable with Nodejs. Whether your requirement is of a small app or the complex softwares, the server-side scripting works best for the development of full-fledged apps with no further overload.

Nodejs for front end web development

Do you remember the time, when the pages used to take several minutes to load? The server-side rendering plays a key role in the page load time. The NPM Node package manager enables the node ecosystem to grow. As it enables for the development of a highly specialized environment. Express Js and NodeJS are the robust tools that help in building flexible and powerful mobile APIs for exemplary abilities such as server-side rendering.

Earlier, javascript used to be the language for client-side scripting, generally used for validation and similar tasks. With the introduction of Node and express the user interface of any complexity loads in no time. It has accelerated the demand for custom website development that satisfies the unique requirement of the customer. This is the reason why node.js is an efficient tool for backend development.

Nodejs for mobile app development

Nodejs comprises the huge ecosystems of efficient tools. React Native is one of the most popular tools which eliminated the need for separate iOS and android app development. Previously, the business owners had to invest the time and effort for iOS and Android apps which is almost double of the budget given for React Native.

The need to hire java developers was a unanimous option. Now the development agencies don't have to hire a huge team, React native developers can build the codebase which can easily then be converted to the platform-specific needs. By writing the common needs, around 90 percent can be reused, reducing the development time.

Reasons to choose Nodejs

Both server and client-side: Javascript is now working both at a server and client-side. NodeJS is lighter, flexible and runs the same way everywhere, which makes it a great tool for development.

Fast: NodeJs runs on the faster V8 engine, that made it the preferable choice of developers. The technical advantage is that the platform uses single thread relieving from the headache of creating the separate threads. The database transaction and network interaction become faster and smoother.

Real-time web app: Node enables the effective real-time apps relieving from a load of protocols and low-level sockets. Also, it saves time, which is a great advantage for any level of application.

Further reasons are Node package manager, easy coding, asynchronous IO, easy database transactions, productivity, and huge community supports, which are the powerful reasons for being the developer's first choice of development.

NodeJs is the future

The IT community called Nodejs the "digital transformation". Whether it is about the micro service development, delivery of handy mobile apps, or the integration of the non-web system with the serverless framework, NodeJs offers a strong foundation.

IT industry always looks for a long term solution and the IoT is the real future. The technology which supports IoT will survive amidst the continuous development and research. NodeJs is a strong tool for complicated software infrastructures and fuel the as-as-service methodology. It heads the node js development company to cater to industry needs. As-as-service and server-less programming are the existential requirements of the businesses, where Nodejs highly support these areas.


A great level of flexibility and utility is the long term demand for continuous growth. Alongside, fast execution, better utilization of the memory and great level of security are the dynamic demands which keep increasing comparatively.

Hence forth, it is affirmative for a company looking to hire node.js developers. The mobile application is no more divided into two completely different paradigms. The codebase for android can easily be used as a ground for the iOS-based application which bridged the gap and saved the cost/time for development. NodeJs is the secure future because of the adaptability to varying needs. Nodejs is the stable solution for implementing the cloud services, Saas and Paas along with the enhanced debugging tools.