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Why Node js Considered as best Mobile App Development Platform

Why Node js Considered as best Mobile App Development Platform

Wednesday October 24, 2018,

6 min Read

In the current dynamic commercial scenario, businesses often prefer to choose application frameworks which reduce the overall time taken to build a market application. Mobile app development requires choosing the best mobile app development platform which can streamline the application development process. A lot of companies have embraced Node js mobile app development since it actually assists the companies to easily promote their apps in the shortest span of time.

Node js essentially uses the JavaScript which is among the most popular programming languages of the current time. That is why most of the Node js development services opt for Java for application development. Through this article, we explain why Node js is considered to be the best platform for mobile app development.

1.   Reduced Time to Market

With the introduction of Node js above, we have already mentioned that it reduces the entire time taken for marketing of any app developed on this platform. The best example of such an app is PayPal. While the creation of the app, the modular design of the framework along with cross-organizational collaboration as well as lesser lines of codes can essentially be a great help to the mobile app developers.

According to industry experts, this platform enables the developers to improve the production time and make it readily available. Node js takes a small amount of time with the assistance of modular design. So if you hire Node js developer, you can easily ensure that you will be able to develop as well as test and even deploy services which will duly fulfil your customers’ requirements.

2.   Extensive Ecosystem

Since Node js has a particularly modular design, it offers an excellent and extensive ecosystem for the mobile app developers in order to build mobile apps. For enabling the server-side development, its entire ecosystem actually creates a great combination out of the entire work of front-end JavaScript developers as well as low-level system programmers.

The ecosystem of this framework has various dependencies. Hence, it actually makes it quite simpler for the users to embrace, share and utilize it easily. The package manager of various Node js packages, NPM, is the biggest and best package ecosystem of this framework. There are over 30,000 packages which are readily available. Along with this, over 300 new packages are duly added on a daily basis which is considerably higher than any other ecosystem.

3.   Modular Design

Creating mobile apps in Node js is quite a great experience for mobile app developers. It is due to the fact that it requires lesser lines of code in comparison to other frameworks. It can also handle more number of requests per second as well as shortens the entire response time by a significant margin when compared to the Java version.

As we have mentioned earlier, PayPal used Node js so that it can easily modernize a completely monolithic application environment. A few years ago, frameworks for Java application development used to encourage the development of various large monolithic apps. These days, developers often prefer service-oriented architectures especially when it comes down to dealing with various complex mobile apps within the extensive business environment.

4.   Cost-effectiveness

If you choose Node js development services, then it won’t cost you much since it is quite easy to create mobile apps in this particular framework. The market research has proven that the companies that chose for Node js mobile app development require lesser computing power in order to host them. If you choose conventional Java installation, it will require more processing power. On the other hand, you can easily run dozens of instances of the Node js app on the same processing power and hardware configuration.

This framework is quite adaptable to the modern cloud environment and actually enables the operation team in order to establish a great one-to-one relationship between computing resources and servers. You can easily create apps swiftly and rapidly through Node js since it brings down the overall labour costs.

5.   Allows you to create real-time applications

When it comes down to creating real-time applications like chat and games, it is the most efficient and effective framework. Since there is the usage of JavaScript involved in the client and server side, it allows swift synchronization. You can easily know about its inherent real potential via WebSockets. They are utilized to regulate the overall performance of the applications especially when there is a sudden surge in traffic. A lot of cloud platforms actually support Node js. If you wish to create a real-time application, then Node js is the best bet.

6.   Helps in monitoring dashboards

Mobile apps created in this mobile app development platform offer user-friendly dashboards. These system dashboards allow the businesses to know about the visitors as well as visualizations in the real-time. It also provides user statistics such that the business owners can easily know what the visitors are actually looking for and which feature they essentially like the most.

7.   Great Community Support

Node js foundation provides great quality and efficient community support to mobile app developers. There are various resources which offer live instrumentation of the entire production environment. They provide so without actually changing the entire application codes and provides insights for the developers who are developing the applications. Hire Node js developer who has complete knowledge of how to use these resources.


Mobile app development has received tremendous growth in recent times. With the growing importance of mobile apps in the daily lives of the people, mobile application development has essentially become a vital source of income for any mobile application development company. However, a company has to choose the best mobile app development platform for creating mobile apps that suit the requirements of the customers. A Node js framework is essentially a great tool if you wish to design server-side mobile applications in JavaScript.

 It constantly keeps evolving with time and essentially makes the mobile app development task quite stress free. Node js mobile app development reduces the time of development of the app. Node js has huge community support to back the developers. If you are searching for resource-rich and reasonable mobile app development platform, then consider Node js as your framework.