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Photo Editing Tips to Create eCommerce Product Images that Sell

Photo Editing Tips to Create eCommerce Product Images that Sell

Thursday July 04, 2019,

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The Internet is all about visuals - a world of videos, photos, GIFs, graphs, infographics, etc. High-res product images and well-written product descriptions expedite the purchase decision of your prospective buyers. 

A recent survey found that 67% of the buyers believe that product images are more important than description. On an e-commerce platform, consumers can’t touch & feel the product, so their decisions are primarily based on product images. Hence, professional product photo editing is crucial for an e-commerce business.

Below are the best photo editing tips that will help you create a strong visual impact on your buyers:

Product Image Editing Tips

Product Image Editing Tips

Get Inspired

If you are new to the eCommerce product photography, first learn how to click product images. The best way to acquire these skills is to learn from your industry’s leaders, notice the image details, clarity, angles, light, background and the number of images for the products & also their description. 

Some sellers also include product usage videos in the product listings. This is  a practice that works for appliances, gadgets and fashion products. 

Marketing guru Neil Patel says, “Once your product’s video starts to appear in the search results, 64-85% of viewers are more likely to buy after watching the video

If you want to enhance the online presence of your products through videos and images, outsource photo editing services and see the upward swing in results for yourself. 

Product Image

Use Video & Images of product

Background & Backdrop

Patterned, floral & wide backgrounds definitely create stunning pictures, but there’s one practice that every e-commerce image editing service provider follows religiously, and that is keeping the background simple. It not only keeps the product image in focus but also enhances its overall appeal.

Keep the surroundings bright & white, so the product colors, shape, and size are clearly visible in the pictures. For example, the blender in the picture has a strong visual impact because it is on a white background. 

White Background Product Image

White background of product image

White background works well for all kinds of products such as foods, gadgets, appliances, clothes, etc. Check out the pictures below for your reference:

In the picture below, many products are shown but they are all well highlighted because the white background is white.

White Background Highlights the product more

White Background Highlights all the Product in the image

The refrigerator is was shot with a white background which makes a captivating impact on the viewer. 

White Background gives a Good Impact

Image with White Background gives a good Impact


Lighting is one of the most important factors in product photography. 

Images clicked in the natural light are sharp, clean and highlight all the features and design of the products. That is why most of the photographers click images in the early afternoon. 

Make sure the light is uniform from all the angles. You can also make use of photography equipment like filters to present your products in the right hue. 

Focus on details

Focus on Image Detailing

Focus on image Detailing

Let’s understand this with an example. Want to show how sleek is a mobile phone? The trick is to focus on the fine details: sides, textures

Do not forget to mention the details in the product description. If you are not an expert at creating quality images, avail eCommerce image editing services of a reputed services provider and get bespoke results.

Online shopping is fast, easy and has higher reach but one of its biggest limitations is that the customers can’t touch & feel the product. The details in eCommerce product images are the only way that let the customers understand and find the best suitable product.  

In doing so, you should refrain from showing excessive details. You may end up highlighting negative features of products such as dust, wrinkles on clothes, etc. and for the same reason, image editing becomes crucial. 

Image Editing & Retouching

Product Image Editing

Product Image Editing

Image editing is essential, irrespective of the product quality & price range. Therefore, choosing the right product photo editor is also essential. Products look more appealing by image enhancement, retouching, HDR blending, color correction & photo correction effects. 

Here’s a quick guide for a non-professional to product photo editing

  1. Enhance a dull image by modifying the saturation, vibrancy & atmosphere. Instead of using just one feature try a combination of saturation, contrast, highlights, and shadows. The image will be enlivened instantly.
  2. Adjust the exposure to increase or decrease brightness.
  3. Erase the distraction by removing the unnecessary objects by using the erase tool. 
  4. To focus on the specific details, crop the image and give it a new look.

If you have to edit a small lot of images, it is a piece of cake but if you don’t want to compromise with the quality of images then outsource photo editing services to a specialized vendor.

Last but not the least, you have to be careful about highlighting the specific details of the products. Show off the best features clearly, hide the unwanted details but whatever you decide to exhibit in the photos it should be relevant to customers and must help in their buying decisions.