[EXCLUSIVE] Business Coach Rajiv Talreja launches QL One, a MSME focused desktop app to assist businesses in their growth journey

During Proficorn 2023, renowned business coach Rajiv Talreja has launched QL One, a desktop application designed to empower and uplift India's micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). It will be made available to users of QL, with a rollout to non-users expected in the next two months.

[EXCLUSIVE] Business Coach Rajiv Talreja launches QL One, a MSME focused desktop app to assist businesses in their growth journey

Wednesday May 24, 2023,

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Rajiv Talreja—a prominent business coach for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Asia unveiled QL One, a desktop app designed to empower and honour small businesses in India at Proficorn 2023.

QL One is a rebranded version of Quantum Leap, a training and coaching company started by Talreja in 2006. 

Since its inception, more than three lakh business owners have attended Talreja’s business programmes. Recognising that lack of knowledge and expertise required to adapt is a challenge prevalent across the MSME sector, QL One’s mission and vision is to support and celebrate heroes within the country’s economy, he told SMBStory in an interaction.

QL One offers a range of features for MSME owners, currently accessible to existing members of QL, with plans to extend access to non-members within the next two months. Among its notable features are:

  • Business Growth - a set of functional training programs which are divided into four levels to handhold MSMEs not just in learning but also in execution. Material includes learning videos, implementation samples, gamified tasks, trackers, and much more. 
  • Networking - Resembling LinkedIn, this is a platform for MSMEs, to connect with each other from diverse industries and backgrounds and forge valuable connections. 
  • Business Bazaar- It is the ‘shopping mall’ for MSME owners who are looking for service providers and suppliers for the day-to-day functional needs of their business. Through this, QL One’s aim is to enable business owners to find functional experts from every niche listing their services.
  • Funding - To enable growth for business owners who focus on profitability, this is an initiative to find proper funding support for MSMEs both in debt and minority equity models of about 10%-12% by becoming a bridge to financiers and investors. The aim is to disburse Rs 100 crore for which QL has certain partnerships.  
  • Experiences- These will be specifically curated events for MSME business owners. Proficorn 2023 is one such event.
  • Business Success Awards- a clean and credible awards ceremony to recognise MSMEs; some exceptional business owners in the ecosystem who have demonstrated growth, innovation, impact, and social responsibility in their industries.
  • Business Success Magazine- is dedicated to sharing the inspiring stories of micro, small, and medium-sized business owners who are making a big impact in their industries.

QL One

Image credits: Proficorn 2023

QL One plans to implement a small maintenance fee for its users sometime next year. It will also generate revenue from advertorials in its magazine as well as advertisements, Talreja said. 

There are also plans to convert QL One into a mobile app sometime next year. Its first rollout to non-members will be done next month. 

Over 16,000 entrepreneurs have learned and adopted Quantum Leap's P.A.C.E System to manage and accelerate their business performance. More than 4500 MSME business owners have worked with Quantum Leap’s coaching team who handhold business owners through one-to-one coaching to set up strategies and systems for growth and profitability.

Edited by Akanksha Sarma