Unlocking the potential of gold loans to nurture MSMEs’ credit demand

Gold loan NBFCs specialise in providing loans against gold as collateral. The loans secured by the yellow metal eliminate the need for extensive credit checks and collateral requirements to finance a broader range of businesses.

Unlocking the potential of gold loans to nurture MSMEs’ credit demand

Wednesday August 30, 2023,

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Micro small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are the harbingers of inclusive growth, with over 25% contribution to India’s Rs 270 lakh crore GDP and a share of nearly 50% to exports

On the employment front, the numbers are astonishing, with over 10.5 crore people engaged. While they have been a constant thread towards the forward and backward linkages in the hinterland, it is important to understand that over 95% of MSMEs are micro companies. 

Addressing the finance gap

A capital structure with a healthy mix of debt and equity is quintessential for MSMEs toward business expansion and innovation. Micro-enterprises particularly face a daunting challenge, given a host of factors, including lower demand post-pandemic, disrupted supply chains, and lack of credit footprint

NBFCs are developing their niches to provide MSMEs with the much-needed credit at their doorstep helping them expand their business. Gold loan non-banking financial companies have emerged as one source in recent times. 

Rapid disbursement and quick turnaround time

Gold loan NBFCs specialise in providing loans against gold as collateral. The loans secured by the yellow metal eliminate the need for extensive credit checks and collateral requirements to finance a broader range of businesses. 

Given their presence in pan-India with state-of-the-art technology, these NBFCs can offer loans in a short time. The quick turnaround time is crucial for MSMEs facing urgent financial requirements, such as restocking inventory, managing operational expenses, or seizing growth opportunities. If we look at the other side, conventional banks might take days or weeks to process loan applications. 

Simplicity and accessibility

For micro-enterprises, obtaining flexible loan sizes involving a lower ticket size, which is not feasible for traditional banks to offer given their cost structures, is a crucial factor. 

No charges are levied to the customer by gold loan NBFCs, except for the processing fees and offers the most competitive interest rates in the industry. The repayment structure is matched with cash flows, giving much-needed flexibility and ensuring a smooth flow of working capital, unlike traditional monthly repayment models. 

Also, gold loan NBFCs give the flexibility of partially withdrawing the gold depending upon the repayment made to the lender. 

Flexibility to suit business needs

MSMEs operate in diverse sectors and face unique financial circumstances. Gold loan NBFCs recognise this, offering flexible repayment options that cater to the individual requirements of each borrower. 

Entrepreneurs can choose the loan tenure and repayment structure that aligns with their cash flow patterns, allowing them to manage finances efficiently and concentrate on growing their businesses.


Besides the ease of access and flexibility, gold loans come with lower interest rates compared to other types of loans. The affordability factor makes gold loan NBFCs an attractive option for MSMEs seeking cost-effective financing solutions

By reducing the burden of high interest rates, entrepreneurs can allocate more resources towards business development, marketing, and innovation.

While gold loans have become a vital resource for MSMEs in need of prompt financial assistance, they should exercise discernment by assessing the jumping interest rates and security provisions offered by different NBFCs providing gold loans. 

This evaluation takes into account the convenience of accessibility and the minimised level of scrutiny required. Hence, MSMEs must analyse their financial circumstances and conduct a comparison of alternatives before finalising any borrowing decisions.

Besides, gold loans work to turn an otherwise dormant resource into a productive one. We believe that gold loans are smart, and it is encouraging to see an increasing willingness to part with gold ornaments for a while to help with planned expenses rather than just a recourse for emergency and unplanned expenses.

The partnership between MSMEs and gold loan NBFCs underscores the adaptability and innovation required in the financial sector to support the growth of small businesses. NBFCs have proven to be a crucial source of funding, offering timely relief to MSMEs facing hurdles in their growth journey. As the economic landscape continues to evolve, this symbiotic relationship could play a pivotal role in nurturing the resilience and dynamism of the sector. 

Unlocking MSMEs’ potential with innovative solutions

India, with its millions of households and massive gold reserves, presents a fertile ground for gold loan NBFCs to address the finance challenges faced by MSMEs. As Indian households own over 27,000 tonnes of gold, with approximately 5,300 tonnes pledged, there is huge potential for this industry to flourish and support MSMEs to grow. 

These institutions are bridging the finance gap by offering simplified loan procedures, quick disbursements, flexible repayment options, and affordable interest rates.

With the support of gold loan NBFCs, Indian MSMEs can unleash their growth potential, drive job creation, and contribute significantly to the nation's economic development. 

As the government and stakeholders continue to foster an enabling environment for NBFCs and MSMEs to thrive, the impact of gold loans in empowering the sector will undoubtedly be pivotal in shaping India's economic future.

Sanjiv Bhasin is the Founder of Radian Finserv, an RBI-approved NBFC headquartered in Bengaluru.

Edited by Suman Singh

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