Coronavirus: Here’s how you can help voiceless furry friends affected by the lockdown

NGOs and individuals across the country are helping stray animals who have been affected by food shortage arising out of the COVID-19 nationwide lockdown.

Coronavirus: Here’s how you can help voiceless furry friends affected by the lockdown

Sunday April 19, 2020,

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The number of COVID-19 infections in India has shot up to over 14,400, with over 486 deaths, according to Worldometer. The government has declared an extension of the nationwide lockdown till May 3 in an attempt to curb the coronavirus outbreak.

The pandemic has been keeping people indoors and public places empty. Restaurants, bars, party halls, and other small eateries are all closed, with minimum functioning for food delivery. With the scale of the outbreak increasing by the day, many NGOs are coming forward to help people in distress.

Many stray animals are roaming in the cities in search of food, fodder, and water. NGOs that work to better the lives of animals are now actively doing their bit. With covered faces and sanitised hands, these organisations are feeding the strays with crowdfunded initiatives and donations, and with the help of selfless volunteers.

Here are five individuals and organisations that are working tirelessly to help animals in distress:

People for Animals (PFA)

People for Animals is a renowned animal welfare NGO with a network of about 26 hospitals, 165 units and 2.5 lakh members spread across the country. They rescue and rehabilitate sick and needy animals, alongside maintaining shelters, ambulance services, sterilisation programmes, treatment camps, and conducting disaster rescue missions for animals.

PAWSITIVE HEARTS is a crowdfunded initiative to provide food to the starving strays, started by PFA. Through this, they raise funds for food and fodder which is given to the feeders who need it. PFA aims to be the platform for these resources in these tough times.

Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor made a generous contribution to the cause, and the NGO took to twitter to thank her for the same.

If you would like to make a contribution to the cause, click here.

Speak for Animals, Bhubaneshwar

Speak for Animals is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation that rescues animals in distress, provides home-to-home veterinary services and medical supplements, and most importantly, takes action against animal cruelty.

In times of the lockdown, the organisation is calling for volunteers across the country to do their part and help stray animals and abandoned pets. While catering to animals, they ensure that they maintain the norms for the prevention of COVID-19.

In a tweet, the organisation provided details of how one can contribute by either sitting at home, or stepping out to help these animals in distress, simply by filling out a form. The form gives you an array of options on how you can make your contribution – from providing financial aid to feeding the animals.

If you live in or around Bhubaneshwar, or would like to help the cause from another state, do fill in the form to make your donation.

Tauseef Ahmed, Mangaluru

This 31-year-old has been rescuing animals for about eight years now. Based in Mangaluru, Tauseef Ahmed has tagged over 400 dogs with reflective collars, while also treating injured animals. The avid animal lover has been the hero to birds, snakes, cattle, dogs, cats and so many other animal species, over the past few years, and is working tirelessly for the voiceless, despite the lockdown.

tauseef ahmed

Tauseef Ahmed (Image: EdexLive)

Tauseef started a food supply initiative called ‘We Feed’, and has distributed 230 kg of dogs food, cat food and cattle feed free of cost to people around Mangaluru. He urges people to give any food item available to them – rice, biscuits, bread, chapati – especially in times of the lockdown.

If you can help in some way, or would like to acquire some resources, you can reach out to Tauseef on +91 81236 09321.

Sai Vignesh, Chennai

Sai Vignesh runs a sanctuary for animals and tries to feed as many stray dogs and cattle as possible. His ultimate goal – create a safe haven for animals. In 2017, he founded Almighty Animal Care Trust with the help of like-minded volunteers. This 19-year-old has plans to pursue law to familiarise himself with the legalese of animal rights.

sai vignesh

Sai Vignesh

In light of the COVID-19 situation, Vignesh has been actively feeding strays and encouraging others to do the same. With no food remnants from restaurants, these animals are facing the brunt of the pandemic.

In case you want to help Vignesh’s cause, you can reach him at +91 90800 66731, +91 89393 20846.

Swachhta ATMs:

The organisation started by 25-year-old Ayush Mittal, helps collects wastes from restaurants and residential neighbourhoods across Meerut, and has already taken innovative steps like Swachhta Garbage Cafe in the city.

While the dogs roam around the city in search of little scraps of food, this organisation is hoping to feed them with Swachhta ATMS – All Time Meals for street dogs. They have set up 45 such ATMs across the city and are urging people to start a humanity chain with the help of social media.


Setting up Swachhta ATMs

Chief Development Officer Isha Duhan IAS has awarded the organisation for the innovative approach towards fighting and feeding during the COVID-19 crisis. The NGO aims to set up at least 1000 of these ATMs by the end of the month across the country.

Edited by Kanishk Singh