EduStar of the Month - Foradian Technologies!

EduStar of the Month - Foradian Technologies!

Thursday March 01, 2012,

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We’re happy to share that Mangalore based startup, Foradian Technologies, has been chosen as the EduStar of the month. Edustars is a platform for early stage entrepreneurs in the education sector from across the country. After a thorough screening of all the applications received in the first month of the campaign, five promising education startups were chosen for a one-on-one discussion with Accel Partners. It was a close call between the top three startups as each of them had a unique proposition with their respective team, energy and passion, committed to disrupting the current education system.

Here’s a brief account of the top three firms, coming straight from the horses’ mouths:

Foradian Technologies


Their product Fedena is an open-source ERP for educational institutions which has received 15,000+ installations across the globe with 7million+ people using the system. It’s a multipurpose school/campus management software built on Ruby On Rails. Sampoorna, the implementation program of Fedena by the government of Kerala assimilates the details of around 60 lakh students across 15,000 schools which will be accessible to the school authorities. Sampoorna, as its name suggests has enormous scope and has managed to save a lot of time, effort and money for the government.


They bring books to life by making them engaging and fun; using videos, animation, quizzes, maps, graphics and interactivity. Publishers, authors and educators can reach new audiences using mobiles, tablets and online reader and generate more revenue. Readers get better books and a great learning experience and can collaborate with friends, take notes and use learning tools such as dictionary, search and quizzes. They are not only redefining books and publishing, but reinventing the way people learn.


The company seeks to provide products that transform one’s everyday environment into a more prolific atmosphere, providing psychological incentives to drive performances. Backed by extensive research in related domains, primarily gaming design, psychology and social media, the company endeavors to provide products and solutions that will alter the mundane milieu into a productive and creative setting with enhanced individual productivity. XPlore marks DreamNotion’s foray into the education sector and promises to be the first in a line of many inventive products. tuned for a detailed interview to know more about the founders, their startup journeys till now and the path they envision ahead.

If you are an education startup that is looking for access to mentors and visibility, then please apply for the EduStars Program.

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