Helping startups explain themselves better with explainer videos - Bode Animation

Helping startups explain themselves better with explainer videos - Bode Animation

Thursday November 07, 2013,

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How often have you found it difficult to tell your story to the world? Finding the right words can be tricky and finding the right medium even trickier. Marketing is about being innovative. But more than that, it is about being relatable - if you fail to make a connection with your audience; you fail to make an impact. Startups in particular face the toughest challenge in reaching out to their target markets. Writing down the ideas or having them clear in your mind is one thing, but demonstrating it to the world through creative imagery and sound brings an entirely new dimension.

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The concept of visualizing your thoughts is not new at all. It has been used for centuries to educate, innovate and reiterate the potential of a business. The marketing world has realized its many perks, with explainer and teaser videos taking up the limelight. After all, we believe in what we see.

Bode Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a startup from Chennai which faced numerous issues when they wanted to have a video for their own brand. They felt that there are a number of video production companies in the market but these companies lack in conceptualizing & understanding the tech models and the articulation for new startup ideas. The options available for startups to get these services in the market were very less.

Most of the startups don’t have enough time and resources to go in the typical production process of videos. Moreover, creating a decent explainer video with scripting and animation can be very expensive. Seeing the gaps in the market for startups wishing to make simple explainer videos and not finding any solution, they started Bode Animation this year.

Bode Animation works for crafting explainer videos for depicting businesses and their services. They offer 6 different styles of videos starting from 2D animation, stop motion, handcraft motion, 3D, whiteboard and blackboard. They work for informative, humorous, interactive, any kind of video that suits your startup’s personality. They also work with number of data visualization tools to generate infographics and other data based stories. They claim to have completed more than 300+ videos in 7 months of their existence.


Videos give a medium of getting the consumer a glimpse of what you are offering, how can they best avail your services and why are you different from your competition. If you have a helpful video on your website giving a step-by-step overview of service use, product descriptions or troubleshooting, it can help you reduce the number of complaints and calls. A striking video with the right touch of creativity can help startups in building the trust and credibility for themselves. The lure of videos is largely based on their visual appeal as most people tend to preserve more information when it is presented to them in the form of interactive graphics and visual cues.Bode Animation aims to make startup ideas more relatable, unique and alluring for their customers. The explainer videos offered by Bode Animation can be a good try for startups offering new services, wanting to grab the attention of their target audience or looking for a creative and affordable way to market and promote their brand.

What do you think about using videos to market your startup?

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