The Marketplace 2015 – Showcasing the best emerging marketplace-based startups from India

The Marketplace 2015 – Showcasing the best emerging marketplace-based startups from India

Wednesday June 10, 2015,

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Every few years a new trend in emerging businesses evolves. Some create a lot of buzz and attract attention, some get over-hyped, but few stay afloat post the inflection point where the trend consolidates to become a new established sector of business. Be it the e-commerce in 2010-11, online education and healthcare in 2012-13, and now marketplace-based businesses, which are connecting supply with demand for all kinds of products and services.

We at YourStory have been one of the first to identify these emerging trends and create a platform to help upcoming startups in this space. We provide them with support and visibility along with mentorship and guidance to help them become successful. We launched E-Sparks in 2011 and EduStars in 2012 and now we are happy to launch 'The Marketplace' in partnership with Accel Partners – to discover and showcase the best emerging marketplace-based startups from across India.


The main aim of the program is to recognize, facilitate and provide meaningful support to marketplace-based startups on a monthly basis by connecting them with experts from their respective sectors to guide and mentor them.For three months, starting from June 2015 to August 2015, we’ll be shortlisting 10 good startup applicants every month for a one-on-one with the jury to know more about them and shortlist one as the winner for the month. After three months, we’ll have an offline event where top 15 startups from the entire campaign get to pitch to a room full of investors and experts.

So, if you think you are building the next Ola, Quikr, CommonFloor or the next 'Marketplace', then apply now -