‘The disruption of our generation is the Internet. It will facilitate Tech for a Billion,’ says Mohandas Pai

‘The disruption of our generation is the Internet. It will facilitate Tech for a Billion,’ says Mohandas Pai

Friday October 30, 2015,

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Tech for a billion, and what better way to start this than a note that says - "The bigger disruption that's happening today is the Internet.”

“Seven billion people will soon be connecting with one another via the Internet," says TV Mohandas Pai at the opening keynote address of the 6th edition of TechSparks 2015. He adds that all you need today is a mobile phone and a wifi to connect with the world.



The world is truly flat today. "Artificial intelligence and machine learning isn't unreal or imaginative," adds Pai.

Taking the time machine back in time

In 10 years, the world as we know it will change. Going back in time, Mohandas Pai explains that if you want to look at the world and understand disruption you need to look at history. "Over 200 years back we relied on human power. We built the pyramids and great monuments with the aid of the muscle power," says Mohandas Pai.

And then, he adds that suddenly you had the capacity to harness the power of the steam engine. “One person could manage things that once needed 100 people.” This, Mohandas Pai adds, disrupted the world. It gave us speed and momentum. The railways connected regions and spaces. This, in turn, helped facilitate the industrial revolution. Factories were built and trade was facilitated.

A big disruption is happening now

It's a very simple disruption, according to Mohandas Pai. It's the Internet. While it might be a part of our everyday lives, Pai adds that, a single common platform is connecting people among the remotest corners of the world. Information is accessed, businesses are conducted and people are linked together on a common marketplace. The Internet today gives you knowledge and information at the click of a button, he says.

"Information just cannot be suppressed anymore. Thanks to the twitter revolution, individuals are getting empowered today," Mohandas Pai adds. It has given a voice to everyone.

Connecting the world

The Internet has facilitated the growth and development of several other devices and technologies. Mohandas Pai adds that this in turn has opened up different levels of transparency both for the consumers and businesses.

For the consumers, there is visibly of what's available in terms of products and services across the globe, and for businesses the supply chain management has become sharper. "Everyone is empowered today," adds Pai.

An artisan, who is making a Benarasi saree, today can easily connect to a consumer in Bengaluru unlike a few decades back. This access is spreading to different aspects and domains, education, finance, markets, and the world.

Changing lifestyles

According to Mohandas Pai, the idea of a longer life using stem cell research isn't a dream anymore. The use of renewable energies is easier. Technology today is being facilitated like never before.

"Disruptions are being facilitated by the Internet, innovations today are being facilitated by the technology and connectivity," he adds.

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