‘The holy trinity are the founder, the team, and the customer – 30 quotes from TechSparks 2016

‘The holy trinity are the founder, the team, and the customer – 30 quotes from TechSparks 2016

Sunday October 02, 2016,

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From customer focus to connected markets, witness the memorable journey of Indian entrepreneurship in these excerpts and stories! StoryBites is a weekly feature from YourStory, featuring notable quotable quotes in our articles of this past week (see the previous post here). Share these 30 gems and insights from the articles and tweet-feed of YourStory’s annual flagship startup conference TechSparks, and check back to some of the original articles for more insights!

Every time you cross an inefficient phase and take consumers to higher levels of efficiency, you’ve created wealth. – Kunal Shah, FreeCharge

Genetics doesn’t determine entrepreneurship, but it does push towards it. – Anu Acharya, MapMyGenome

Don’t feel shy to have multiple ideas. Creativity is going beyond what is commonly explainable. Dare to dream different. - Ashwin Sanghi, ‘The Rozabal Line’

Indian companies can take decisions a lot faster, and that is an something they should use to their advantage. - Raghav Gupta, BlaBlaCar

You cannot approach app marketing as ’emphasising what problem my app is solving.’ Ramsey Pryor, Branch

It’s not what happens, it’s how you respond. - Shailesh Lakhani, Sequoia

We live in a world of complete digital revolution. Everything is connected and digitised. - Gaurav Arora, Amazon Internet Services

You can find simple solutions to complex problems by using common sense. - Ashish Hemrajani, BookMyShow

My mantra is simple – ‘Perseverance over Pace.’ - Pallav Nadhani, FusionCharts

Don’t feel bad if you didn’t get into YourStory’s Tech30. You can still succeed. - Morten Primdahl, Zendesk

Plan B is Plan Bengaluru. - Priyank Kharge, IT, BT and Tourism Minister

The holy trinity are the founder, the team, and the customer. - Sanjay Gupta, Urban Ladder

You have to have not just passion to start a consumer wearables company in India – but insanity and audacity as well! – Blink

Money is over-rated. Valuation is a transient meeting of the minds. – Shailendra Singh, Sequoia

SMAC (social, mobile, analytics, cloud) is about having an exponential mindset. - Vishwas Mudagal, GoodWorkLabs

SMAC helps you scale at a lower cost, and opens up an ocean of opportunity. - Harsha Kumar, LightSpeed Ventures

Big Data is like teen sex – everyone claims they are doing it but very few are! - Lizzie Chapman, ZestMoney

Don’t scale up at the expense of the user experience. - Ravi Sangtani, Target Accelerator

Do focus on scale – but without loss of service quality and brand value. - Sameer Desai, Brand Launch Centre

Don’t say that India is the next China, we are not that big and not growing that fast. - Sahil Kini, Aspada Investment Advisors

In mobile, think of Maslow’s Hierarchy of mobile needs: battery, balance, storage and data usage. - Ankur Singla, Helpchat

Collaborate and co-create, rather than having to run alone. - Rohit MA, CloudNine Healthcare

The difference between classifieds and a marketplace is the data. - Teruhide Sato, BEENEXT

India has built its digital highways much faster than physical highways and infrastructure. - Ritu Varma, Ankur Capital

Working with the Indian government is not for the faint-hearted! - Prerna Mukharya, Outline India

Pursue your purpose and the means will follow. - Trupti Doshi, Auroma Group

You can deliver good service, make profit and yet create good impact while solving a real problem. - Yogita Muttha, The Violet

There is no better joy than creation. – Kishore Biyani, Future Group

It makes you uneasy when you are not in control. – Naveen Tiwari, InMobi

Social media is a misnomer, it’s a network; people are the new media. - Ramesh Srivats, TenTenTen Digital

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