Athletes Today: “a professional sports talent management company”


About the company

Athletes Today is one of the few professional sports talent management companies in India, and is bringing a structure to the sports ecosystem in India. They also consult sports academies for sponsorship and team and league management.

They work with sports lawyers for players,- the contracts which gives athletes a strong legal understanding of the business as well as an opportunity to explore marketing and promotion avenues to grow their market value. They follow an accumulated commercial revenue model for the athletes they represent. This helps in understanding the market value of the athlete. They plan on making a structured sports talent management portal for athletes in India.

On the corporate side, they consult brands to do CSR activities related to sports and also consult them for athlete and brand alignment opportunities. This is a great marketing tool for these brands, it can help grow local business and also influence pan India visibility.

The Founder’s story

Abhishek Sharma and Radhika Arora have had an interesting journey with Athletes Today.

We've had the experience of meeting a pool of professional and grassroots athletes.We started about 10 months ago with the detailed plan and then founded the core team in the next two months.Athletes Today was the right name for the company as it aligns with our vision for the athletes we represent and the ones we plan on representing.

Core product/service offering?

  1. Sports consultants for sportsmen.
  2. Sports academies.
  3. Grassroots firm. We consult with them for sponsorship, international tie-up, CSR events, and athlete and brand alignment.


Our USP is that we concentrate on grassroots talent management. Most people leave the aspirations to become a professional sports player in the age between 15and-19. We help them get over these hurdles.

Its growth revenue and monetise value

We plan on having four top professional athletes by the end of this year. Sponsorship for the private league is also an opportunity for us. We are currently working on a valuation of Rs 15 lakh.

Our business model is to provide opportunities for professional players to explore marketing and promotional avenues since they represent India. For the grassroots, we make sure they get the right training and; skill development and the correct; camps and academies to enrol in- so that they eventually become professional players and play for India and the private leagues.


Yes, we want Athletes Today to remain a self-sustainable model. We will be looking for the right strategic investor and an influence who can help us acquire more business for the company.

The true value of your business

To make India a professional Sports business giant and give sports talent management a structure in India.