How to cast yourself as the hero in your career story


Job interviews can be a daunting process. It is difficult to stay positive and self-assured while you are simultaneously being compared to other candidates, who are equally worthy. However, if you want to make a lasting impression on your interviewer, you need to prepare for the part. Preparation doesn't only involve doing research on the company you're interviewing for, but also boosting your self-confidence so you don't come across as a nervous wreck. If you're preparing for an upcoming job interview, here are a few tips on how you can cast yourself as the hero in your career story and bag the job of your dreams like a boss.

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Prep yourself before the interview

Remember that your interviewer has a limited span to comprehend your skills-- gauging your professional skills, interpersonal qualities, problem-solving abilities and dependability under pressure. No easy feat indeed, especially considering that there's beeline for a job vacancy. Therefore, it is a prerequisite that you prepare well in advance for a series of behavioral interview questions that are most likely to be thrown your way. Prepare anecdotes to show how you overcame an obstacle and created a positive ending. Ensure you leave a lasting impression on your interviewers, so that they are more likely to get in touch with you even after you've walked out of the door.

Be ready for the worst during the interview

The interviewer is bound to ask you questions that may not sit well with you, these could pertain to your weaknesses and some may even tread on moral ambiguity. When faced with such difficult questions, it is important to be honest and not feign perfection. Your deceit won't take you far and you will be caught if you pretend that you have no flaws. The interviewer is well-versed in judging candidates and if he picks up on dishonesty he will immediately distrust you. Instead, name a few mistakes you made and show your recruiter how you learnt from them. Also, remember never to indulge in any kind of trash talk about your previous company or your ex-bosses. It is crucial to show that you upheld a professional decorum even with difficult people.

Give your interviewer a reason to remember you

Come across as a confident individual during the interview by making eye-contact and indulging in small talk at the beginning of the interview. When you make an effort towards connecting with your recruiter, you come across as friendly and self-assured. Most hiring managers would rather bring on board somebody with a good attitude and less experience, than someone who is more competent but has an attitude problem. Whether it is your love for dogs or your common hatred for sushi, indulge the interviewer in a conversation. Believe me you, charm goes a long way to leave that impression.

Let your personality shine during the interview and prove to your recruiter that you will be a great addition to his/her team. If you imagine yourself succeeding, you will surround yourself with positive energy.