Tactics that will help you grab attention at work

Tactics that will help you grab attention at work

Wednesday October 25, 2017,

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A sure-shot way to achieve success in life is to win the attention of those who matter. If your boss is unknown to your work, how will you land a promotion? If your team members don't listen to your suggestions, how can you become an effective leader? The right kind of attention is what ensures authority and respect.

However, not everyone is adept at capturing the attention of others. If you want your peers and bosses to take notice of you then look beyond your work. Here are five easy ways to get noticed for the amazing employee you are.

Image: Shutterstock

Image: Shutterstock

Show your colleagues you care

If you sit at your desk and stare at our computer screen all day, your co-workers might not even know that you exist. If you want to get noticed at work, you need to show your colleagues that you care. Take some time to walk around and chat with people. Take a genuine interest in what others are doing. Help out whenever you can. When you become the go-to person for most individuals, you automatically get famous at work.

Strike friendship with people from other departments

If you interact with the same colleagues every day, you limit your exposure. However, when you interact with employees from different departments, you get an opportunity to make new contacts. This not only makes you well-known throughout your organization, but it also gives you the chance to show your talent and skills to the people who matter.

Take part in extracurricular activities

If a new project is coming to the company and the bosses need someone from each team to work on that project, make sure to volunteer your name. When you do this, you gain more experience and you also get noticed by senior management. Similarly, if the office is planning a party or an event, make sure that you not only participate in the event, but you're also on the organizing committee so you get noticed for taking initiative.

Resolve a conflict amicably

Conflicts between coworkers are constant at any workplace. Take it as an opportunity to demonstrate your management and leadership skills. Do not get judgmental and take sides, rather serve as a mediator and establish the ground rules for professional conduct at work. When done correctly, it can yield amazing results.

Bring in new business opportunities

This is relatively difficult but not entirely impossible. Every business needs new customers and clients from time to time. If you manage to get new clients, you'll immediately become the star at your workplace. It doesn't matter whether you've hired a small or big client; it's all about making a contribution. Maintain a keen observation for opportunities around you and seize one as soon as you see it.

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