Hiring and retaining top talent goes beyond just good HR practices

Hiring and retaining top talent goes beyond just good HR practices

Tuesday October 31, 2017,

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Today, hiring and retaining the best talent is tougher than ever. Rapid globalization and technology have had a dramatic impact on the workplace. Effective practices for acquiring top talent have changed and HR departments worldwide need to shift their talent acquisition strategies accordingly. By implementing creative recruiting strategies, you can get your jobs seen by potential candidates. With the advantage of collaboration tools and mobility, your company’s HR personnel do not have to factor in proximity while searching for the best candidates, and this allows them to focus on other important factors such as skill set and qualification.

Image: Shutterstock

Image: Shutterstock

Here’s a list of the best practices for hiring top talent in today’s global economy:

Sales function

Recruiting candidates is akin to a sales function. Just like sales people connect the market to a need, your HR department also needs to sell your company’s needs to the potential candidates out there in an attractive manner. Instead of selling a product or a service, recruiters sell the idea of a position to potential candidates. They need to see where a candidate’s needs and a client’s needs fit together to make the case for a specific applicant.

Put your employees first

Your HR department needs to focus on creating a culture where the best employees want to work. The simplest way to recruit and retain top talent is to create a culture in which people are treated with dignity and consideration at all times. When your company’s senior management demonstrates unfailing respect for all those who work under them, your employees find reasons to stick with your company. When leaders don’t uphold company values and culture, how will employees do the same?

Look beyond resumes

Large variations in qualifications make evaluating potential candidates a challenging process. Skill-based competition can prove effective for identifying individuals with the right competencies. While leading candidates still need to be screened for collaboration potential and cultural fit, it can significantly ease the process of making decisions based on resumes alone.

Stay involved in the hiring process

Instead of allowing your HR department to call all the shots, company heads should remain involved and oversee the hiring process in order to acquire the best talent. One of the worst employment moves any company can make is disengaging from the hiring process. After all, it’s your company, and no one can make better hiring choices than you.

Adopt talent analytics

A comprehensive talent analytics strategy can provide a necessary edge by helping you effectively leverage big data. Company heads should focus on talent analytics as a tool for creating effective regional models to improve talent efforts. By understanding variations in employer brand awareness, talent expectations, and compensation, you can create a talent strategy tailored to the unique needs of your workforce.

Employees who are a good fit organizationally are difficult to find, and hence, when you find employees that fit the bill, it is essential to retain them.

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