Your resume is your window of opportunities, so pay attention

Your resume is your window of opportunities, so pay attention

Wednesday October 11, 2017,

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Your resume undoubtedly is the foremost medium through which an employer will gauge your worth and hence create an impression of you. Therefore, apart from being honest on your CV, there is a need for you to make the document as captivating as possible. Your resume acts as your representative and promotes your strengths and capabilities. It gives your employer a reason to call you in for an interview. You therefore need to prepare a clear and precise resume.

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If you're wondering where to start while making edits and updating your resume, here are a few tips you should consider.


Several employers complain that they receive too many resumes on a daily basis from candidates who simply aren't qualified to the job. If you believe that sending out your resume to any and every company will land you a job, think again. Companies don't hire people based on a lottery system. Therefore, you need to make sure that you send out a relevant resume that is tailored specifically for the job you are qualified to do. This way, you increase your chances of getting hired.

Relevant skills

The plethora of degrees or masters won't help your cause, if you don't possess the relevant skills for a job. Therefore, you need to ensure that you include all relevant skills that you've gained from your previous roles. For example, if you are applying for the position of a graphic designer, you need to mention that you know how to use Photoshop and other design-based software.

Past experience

Smart employers value experience over higher education. Let's say that if they had to choose between someone who has a MBA and one year of working experience and someone who has a Bachelor's Degree and three years of working experience, they would opt for the latter individual. This is because smart employers understand that hands-on experience teaches a person more than they could ever learn within the four walls of a classroom.

Grammatically correct

No matter what position you are applying for, your resume needs to be well-worded and grammatically correct. If your CV is riddled with typos and grammatical errors, it is very likely that it will get thrown into the bin. Also, format your resume in the same font so it is pleasing to the eye and easy to read.


Several hiring managers skim through resumes to identify keywords that match the job description. Each time you apply for a job, dissect the job description carefully. Create a list of the skills and experience required for the position that match your experience. Make sure your language and use of words mirror the job posting and avoid excessive jargon.

Your CV needs to speak to a potential employer to catch their attention. Follow the above mentioned five tips to create a stand-out resume that will get you noticed.

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