Success comes from quality and your ability to stay at the cutting edge - Amel Chamandy, Galerie NuEdge

Success comes from quality and your ability to stay at the cutting edge - Amel Chamandy, Galerie NuEdge

Saturday July 14, 2018,

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In this photo essay, we showcase the diverse range of contemporary art at Montreal’s Galerie NuEdge, and share creative insights from its director.

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Montreal’s Galerie NuEdge on Sherbrooke Street showcases a wide range of contemporary art – from photographs and paintings to sculpture and Murano vases. For over 15 years, the gallery has served local and international corporate markets.

Featured artists and photographers in the gallery include lead international artist Amel Chamandy. Eduard Gurevich, Mario Brassard, Irene Gretchanaia, Lois Greenfield, Evelyne Brader-Frank, Claudette Lefrançois, Serge Mohznevsky and Arend Nieuwland are also part of the high profile roster - some of whom are highlighted in this photo essay.

Montreal-born Amel Chamandy is an international artist, art dealer, and owner of Galerie NuEdge. She graduated from Concordia University and studied at the Saidye Bronfman Centre for Continuing Education. Her works have been exhibited at the Red Dot Art Fair in New York city and were selected for Art Monaco. She has also served as a trustee at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, and McGill University’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

“As an artist and international art dealer, I have had the unique opportunity to create, be exposed to, and promote the works of others. As such, it has become my passion to display, appreciate and participate in the trends of contemporary art,” said Amel, in a chat with YourStory.

“My philosophy is to bring energy to the world of contemporary art and to develop an awareness and appreciation of the same,” she explains. “Art nowadays is an open field,” she adds. Audiences interpret a piece of artwork according to their own experiences, and according to their own sets of rules and perceptions.

“In my opinion, art has to have integrity, be strong in expression and not necessarily be the most polished or executed. It must create a specific emotional link between the artist and the audience with the capacity to unite people through communication between the art and the viewer,” Amel explains. The ideas and the expressions of those ideas need to be authentic, honest and truthfully reflect the thoughts and feelings of the artist.

“The next time you step out to enjoy art, be sure to allow for the benefit of the doubt. You might not agree with the message, form, or composition - but if you try to experience it with the vision and intent of its creator, the results will surprise you,” she advises audiences.

She defines success for the gallery in economic and cultural terms. “Success is linked to the quality of the artists, the work being featured, and the exposure that you are getting from it. Success is also defined in time and your ability to remain cutting edge,” Amel adds.

“Be yourself, stay constant with your creativity and your style, and don’t deviate from it because of the trends going on. Remain true to yourself,” she advises aspiring artists.

Now, what have you done today to step out of your busy routine and open yourself to the connection of art?

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