Happiness is helping others rise and succeed – Abhinav Bansal, ICA Gallery, Jaipur

Happiness is helping others rise and succeed – Abhinav Bansal, ICA Gallery, Jaipur

Sunday August 19, 2018,

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In Part II of our photo essay on this art gallery in Jaipur, we feature more of the creative works along with curator insights on the art boom in India.

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The three-storey ICA Gallery hosts over five thousand works of traditional and contemporary art (see Part I of our photo essay here). The owner-director, Abhinav Bansal is a third-generation art collector and curator.

“Art is my passion and love, it is in my blood. I dream of art, it is more than a hobby or business. Even if I leave the field of art, art will not leave me,” said Abhinav, in a chat with YourStory.

“Success for a gallerist is developing that eye for talent in emerging artists – to spot them them early and help them become famous. Happiness is seeing an artist rising. That pride is worth more than being a millionaire,” says Abhinav.

The gallery has promoted Indian artists overseas and at events like the Jaipur Art Festival and India Art Fair in Delhi. It has participated in creative initiatives such as Deck of Cards, featuring the works of over 50 India artists.

“Success for an artist lies in seeing and doing things differently. They need to do more experiments, and keep learning, networking and connecting,” he advises aspiring artists. They also need to build relationships of trust and faith within the broader art ecosystem. “Focus on quality and develop your own voice, money will come later,” he adds.

The last 20 years have witnessed a boom in Indian art, according to Abhinav. “This is the best time to invest in Indian art,” he urges, with art pieces available at rates more affordable than abroad.

“There are so many houses in India with empty walls. No wall is empty in Western homes, they are all decorated with art. There is art everywhere,” he observes.

Though the field of art probably moves more slowly than tech entrepreneurship, there is more awareness and appreciation for art in India, and there is lots of room for growth. “Jaipur needs a hundred art galleries,” Abhinav signs off.

Now what have you done today to explore and promote art, and brings its vitality into your homes and offices?

Abhinav Bansal, ICA Gallery

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