Success comes from experimentation, diversity and originality – Sangeeta Juneja, Founder, Gallery Art Chill


In Part II of our photo essay from the stunning Amber Fort near Jaipur, we showcase more of the exhibited works along with creative insights on art.

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The Amber Fort, one of Jaipur’s most popular tourist attractions, can draw over 10,000 visitors a day in the peak season – and many of them stop by Gallery Art Chill in the West Wing, according to its founder and creative director Sangeeta Juneja.

Featured artists include Dipika Hazra, RK Yadav, Pankaj Mohan Agarwal, Harshiv Sharma, Lalit Sharma, Yashwant Shirwadkar, Vijender Sharma, Vinod Sharma, Anand Panchal, Charan Sharma, Prakash Deshmukh, Vivekand Kapri, SC Ahuja, and Akash Choyal; some of them are showcased in this photo essay (see Part I of the article here). The art works are also displayed in the city in the Juneja Gallery.

“Artists convey their own journey in life, their worldview, angst, and moral philosophy,” explained Sangeeta, in a chat with YourStory. Art galleries play an important role in helping the public understand the value of heritage, increase society’s aesthetic quotient, and bridge the gap between artists and art connoisseurs.

“Western audiences are already sensitised to art, and know how to appreciate creativity. Indian audiences do understand traditional art and works themed on nature, but need to be attuned to more contemporary forms,” Sangeeta adds. There is much to learn by being exposed to the full palette of artists and imbibing a broader and holistic experience.

“Good works of art are a true visual treat, and not just a showcase of the artist’s abilities,” she explains. Art is also an asset class in its own right, and worthy of investment. The gallery has a stock of hundreds of works of art, priced from Rs 5,000 to Rs 50,000, with some even in the range of lakhs of rupees.

Sangeeta herself is an artist, and keeps increasing her knowledge about art and creativity through gallery visits and spending hours in the library. “Success for the gallery comes from exposing more and more people to art, from India and overseas. Success is getting more people to experience art – not just art lovers, but also professionals such as engineers, educators, and society at large,” she explains.

“Art is much more than a hobby or even a profession,” Sangeeta adds. Unfortunately, art can also be politicised, and there have been many controversies over government support for cronies or for lack of support for certain forms and communities.

Sangeeta advises aspiring artists to be open to experimentation, and expose themselves to diversity as well as modernity. “Exploration is more than just mixing different forms, such as digital. It is also about being original and rising beyond the mediocre,” she signs off.

Now, what have you done today to explore new frontiers in creativity and uncover original strengths?

Sangeeta Juneja


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