From India to the world: how this Bengaluru gallery hosts international cartoon competitions

Thoughtful, creative, humorous and provocative – the cartoons on exhibit at the Indian Cartoon Gallery stir a wide range of emotions among audiences. Cartoonists from around the world share messages of social relevance, while also promote the art of cartooning to the next generation of artists.

From India to the world: how this Bengaluru gallery hosts international cartoon competitions

Saturday June 22, 2019,

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This month, the Indian Cartoon Gallery is hosting an exhibition of international cartoons as part of the annual Maya Kamath Memorial Awards (MKMA) for Excellence in Political Cartooning. The awards are named after renowned Indian cartoonist Maya Kamath (1951-2001), and include Rs 1 lakh in cash prizes for the winners (see our earlier showcases from 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015).

“We have selected the 80 best cartoons for the exhibition out of 122 entries,” says V.G.Narendra, Managing Trustee, Indian Institute of Cartoonists (IIC), in a chat with YourStory. “The cartoons are of very high standard,” he adds. Many of them cut across boundaries of geography, language and culture, and convey messages of courage and humour even without captions.

The cartoonists are drawn from over 25 countries: Indonesia, Oman, Ukraine, Bahrain, Turkey, Iran, Dubai, Romania, Montenegro, Brazil, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Morocco, China, Macedonia, Poland, Algeria, Bulgaria, Serbia, Uzbekistan, Bosnia, Azerbaijan, Yemen, UK, Peru and Belgium.

Next month, the gallery will be exhibiting the outstanding cartoons of 56 Indian participants in the MKMA awards.

“Indian and international cartoonists can draw inspiration from one another and together raise the bar of this important profession,” Narendra adds. The exhibitions serve to inspire the next generation of cartoonists.

The gallery also hosts 550 books about cartoons, according to Narendra, who has won the Lifetime Achievement Award from IIC. The MKMA awards were launched in 2008, and draw participation from professional and amateur cartoonists. Recent jury heads included the late great playwright, Girish Karnad.

Current themes include the refugee crisis, global warming, cynical diplomacy, social media noise, digital overload and e-waste. So if you are looking for some inspiration along with a healthy dose of humour, head across to this gallery off MG Road, or check out the sample below!

Now, what have you done today to pause in your busy schedule, reflect on the state of our world, and frame your views to promote social change?


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