When in doubt, bootstrap - your startup fix for the week


What do you need to start up? Sometimes, just the idea is enough.

Ryan Holmes, Co-founder of Hootsuite, said, "When in doubt, bootstrap. Using your own personal resources is the easiest way to start a business. You don’t have to convince investors about the merits of your idea. You just have to convince yourself."

After all, we're our own worst critics. So, if you can convince yourself, consider half the job done. 

And that is exactly what Manoj Bubna, Gautam Gurtoo, and Biren Shah did. Two years ago, the three came together and bootstrapped Nitrogen or N7.io, a SaaS startup. Their aim was to disrupt the online retail experience with its technology where web and mobile application performance is faster along with advanced security and scalability. Today, they aim to disrupt two multi-billion-dollar markets - ecommerce and CDN.

The Nitrogen team.

We also have a host of startup stories to boost your morale today!

From CMO to accidental entrepreneur, the story of Social Catalyzers

Social Catalyzers’ Co-Founder Kalyan Kumar went from living in a villa to a shared apartment. It seemed like he had hit rock bottom. But he turned things around and went on to build an extremely profitable digital marketing startup.

Social Catalyzers Co-Founder Kalyan Kumar is most definitely not your typical IIT-IIM grad.

Medikabazaar wants to make healthcare better for Tier II and III India

Triggered by a personal episode and backed by his vast experience across sectors, Vivek Tiwari launched Medikabazaar in 2015. The B2B online marketplace for medical equipment and supplies aims to raise Rs 200 crore in Series B.

Vivek Tiwari, Founder, Medikabazaar

Why Hyderabad-based Jay Robotix never lost a customer 

Jay Robotix is a global STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education startup that designs, develops and deploys robotics-based products and services for school and college students. The startup claims to be an original thinker in the space, and also an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that produces its own tools for STEM learning. 

Jay Robotix founders Sudhir Reddy (extreme left) and Mohan Krishna (second from left) checking up on tools.

How 20-year-old Masa Kato built a million-dollar edtech platform

Progate is an online platform that makes learning coding, programming, and languages fun for beginners. In an interview with YourStory, Founder Masa Kato reveals why the edtech startup is targeting beginners and talks about expansion plans.

(R) Masa Kato, CEO & Founder, Progate and Yashraj Nayak, India Community Manager, Progate

This Ai-based engine for lawyers is inspired by Harry Potter

Mumbai-based Pensieve attempts to enable better productivity for law professionals and students in India with its AI-engine. The startup received an angel investment of $120,000, which was used for product development. Now, Pensieve is looking to raise a seed round of $1 million. 

Gaurav Shrivastava, Pensieve

Flytta is a one-stop solution for all your relocation needs

Bengaluru-based startup Flytta is an Intelligent Moving Platform that aims to offer hassle-free relocation experience to professionals by providing transparency during packing and moving of the goods.

Rahul, co-founder of Flytta

This IIT-Kharagpur alumnus wants to make lending simple

Delhi-based RevFin is a digital lending platform that makes getting a loan convenient and accessible for customers in Tier II and III towns. The loan application process happens entirely through the company’s iOS and Android apps. A customer can download the app, and register using their mobile phone number and email address.

Team RevFin has notched up over 18,000 app downloads, resulting in 4,000 loan applicants

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