With MatchMe, these women entrepreneurs have built an elite matchmaking business that clocks Rs 1 Cr revenue

Known for its personalised approach and emphasis on discretion and privacy, the Delhi-based matchmaking platform MatchMe has closed around 100 matches so far.

With MatchMe, these women entrepreneurs have built an elite matchmaking business that clocks Rs 1 Cr revenue

Monday January 20, 2020,

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After playing cupid for a few of her friends and subsequently being approached by people outside her circle to find them a life partner, Mishi Mehta Sood realised matchmaking could become more than her passion project. She realised that this had to be addressed in a more organised way. The idea further took roots as she joined forces with her college friend Tania Malhotra Sondhi.

Together, the ladies hailing from a well-connected network in Delhi, combined their aptitude for matchmaking and extensive experience in HR recruiting and executive searches, to launch a personalised boutique matrimonial service called MatchMe in 2015.


Mishi Mehta Sood and Tania Malhotra Sondhi, Co-founders, MatchMe

The Delhi-based website, known for its personalised approach and emphasis on discretion and privacy, filters and curates matches for its clients, making sure that they only meet suitable people in the process. Its target audience comprises the well-established, well-educated, and progressive-minded Indians spread all across the globe.

“We have a significant network that we have been able to establish not only in North India but also abroad. We are growing year-on-year,” says the founding duo, who currently runs a two-women matchmaking army.

“We haven’t built a team, as we both work personally with all our clients. Our internal matching software helps us efficiently make meaningful connections for all our clients,” they add.

Old-fashioned matchmaking versus online dating 

Digital dating certainly has its merits. Its faster, easier, convenient, and you can meet someone just with a tap on the screen. But, the swipe-fest could also account for a few disasters. The inaccuracy of information and invasion of privacy being at the top of the list.

“Mostly information and pictures shared aren’t necessarily correct, which makes the online dating space very doubtful,” quip Mishi and Tania, explaining how this creates a space for old-fashioned matchmaking to thrive.

Of course, MatchMe’s services are far more sophisticated, roping in features like one-on-one interactions (with prospect partners and their families), an internal matching software that helps efficiently make meaningful connections, and an impending app targeted at matchmaking for professionals only.

“It’s called MatchmeProfessional, wherein we are targeting professionally qualified Indians all across the globe,” the founders explain.

Besides the redefined approach to traditional matchmaking, there is also the aspect of confidentiality. The duo explains, “It is not uncommon to come across your neighbour or someone you went to school with while browsing through matrimonial websites.”

To ensure that the personal information and the intent to get married is not on display for the world to see, MatchMe, unlike other matrimonial services, personally puts you in touch with those with whom you are most likely to hit it off with.

Sealing the deal

“Our real success lies in the fact that most of the matches we’ve done so far have been first introductions,” the founders explain.

Tania and Mishi, as an essential policy, personally deal with their clients throughout the process, starting from the first interaction to the closure of the match. It’s an absolute one-to-one service, wherein the duo works hand-in-hand with the individuals or their families. They deal in an extremely transparent way and share whatever information is given to them from both sides.

“We believe this is a two-way process wherein our approach should be in sync with our clients’ expectations before they plan to get on board with us,” the duo explain.

The style, as different as it might be from the swipe-and-match culture inspired by the dating apps, has interestingly enough, proven to be successful for MatchMe. To date, the two-women matchmaking portal has successfully closed around 100 matches, clocking in a little more than Rs 1 crore in revenue annually.

“As far as personalised matchmaking is concerned, we have so far seen a growth of about 15 -20 percent year-on-year,” they add.

Behind this sustainability, one of the driving factors is the pricing of MatchMe services. The membership plan starts from Rs 2 lakh onwards, of which Rs 50,000 is taken as membership fee – or as the founders say, “We need a commitment from the client for the commitment and service that we provide.” The remaining amount is charged for successful matchmaking that leads to marriage.

“For non-members, we do a fee-based search for which we charge a total of Rs 3 lakh, which we take when we are successful in finding a suitable match and the marriage is fixed,” the founders add.

Love knows no numbers

Bootstrapped since day one, Tania and Mishi’s matchmaking service has been cash-sufficient so far. However, now, they are anticipating an app launch early next year. Further, the duo is considering raising funds from external sources.

Besides this, the two are also looking at expanding their matchmaking pool. After all, like the times we live in, modern relationships and its dynamics have also become fluid, encompassing within its folds diverse stories of love and romance.

“Now, more people are coming forward to resettle or look at marriage at a later stage in life,” the founders say, adding that they now cater to a lot of clientele who are older in the age group of 40-60 years. A transition that sure has been in the duo’s advantage.

As they put it best,

“With this kind of selective clientele (that we deal with), and the personalised search process we have, we don’t think we have anyone we compete with.”

(Edited by Suman Singh)

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