Coronavirus: Flipkart undertakes stringent hygiene measures to keep its network and employees safe

Flipkart has rolled out intense safety measures across its supply chain network and awareness sessions for its employees to create a sanitised environment at workplaces and during deliveries, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus: Flipkart undertakes stringent hygiene measures to keep its network and employees safe

Friday April 17, 2020,

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India’s leading e-commerce marketplace Flipkart is constantly undertaking strong hygiene measures to safeguard its employees and the supply chain network to guard itself against the global pandemic of coronavirus.

“At the Flipkart Group, the safety of our supply chain, delivery executives, and the customers with whom they interact are of utmost priority,” a spokesperson of the company said.


Safety and hygiene awareness session at Flipkart premise

According to the online retailer, all of Flipkart's warehouse and delivery personnel are adhering to the government and WHO’s guidelines on safety hygiene standards during deliveries and in the whole supply chain.

As these e-commerce companies manage a wide supply chain and logistics network which involves a large number of people, it becomes imperative for them to maintain the highest safety standards.

According to Flipkart, it has organised more than 3,000 awareness sessions, covering over 100,000 employees across all its facilities on how they can minimise their exposure through certain precautionary measures.

Some of the measures include — temperature screening, cleaning of surfaces, deep fumigation, availability of anti-bacterial soap and sanitizer, frequent sanitisation of surfaces at entry points, trolley handles, lift switches, doorknobs, etc.

Flipkart is also ensuring that there are no gatherings of employees and visitors at entry and exit points with social distancing being maintained.

“We are also keeping a thorough and regular track of the affected areas through our centralised security team to avoid exposure of our employees in those regions,” the spokesperson added.

The online retailer has indefinitely stopped its cash on delivery option for shipments, and consumers are being asked to pay through digital payment gateways and UPI.

According to Flipkart, all its personnel including full-time employees and those on contract are covered with both life and medical insurance. In case anyone contracts COVID-19 or is placed under quarantine, the individual will be provided leave with pay and other benefits, irrespective of whether it was contracted on the job.

Edited by Suman Singh