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Celebrating India's most-loved brands amidst COVID-19

To celebrate these SMBs, bring their contributions into the spotlight, and make their voices heard, YourStory celebrated MSME Week from June 20 to

Celebrating India's most-loved brands amidst COVID-19

Monday June 29, 2020 , 3 min Read

Over the last few months, COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown have crippled India's MSME sector, which contributes 29 percent to India’s growth, 48 percent to the country’s overall exports, and generates employment for almost 11 crore people. 

As lockdown restrictions are being eased, surviving SMBs are picking themselves up, demonstrating resilience and perseverance while resuming operations. To celebrate these SMBs, bring their contributions into the spotlight, and make their voices heard, YourStory celebrated MSME Week from June 20 to 27.


From how India can leverage its export of steel to boost the economy to how long will SMBs take to recover from the COVID-19 crisis, here’s a look at everything that happened in the past week.

Then, at 'SmashUp! 2020', a day-long online event organised by TiE Delhi-NCR, a chapter of the global not-for-profit TiE, MakeMyTrip's Deep Kalra and cricketer Suresh Raina spoke of battling tough times on the field and off it with calmness, discipline, and motivation from "seniors".

Deep Kalra Suresh Raina

Deep Kalra (left) and Suresh Raina at TiE Delhi-NCR's Smashup! event

In the keynote of the event, Sagar Daryani, CEO and Co-founder of Wow! Momo, spoke about the new normal for the food and beverage industry, and how the QSR brand is surviving the coronavirus crisis.

Last but not least, join us live on July 1 with Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad to celebrate Digital India Day by registering here.

Sridhar Vembu's Zoho's village office experiment


Sridhar Vembu is now dedicated himself to reviving Indian villages by taking Zoho's software engineers back to their home towns. From these villages the engineers will collaborate with their global teams to build world class software.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, SaaS company Zoho is experimenting with 10 village offices across Tamil Nadu, where its staff will be able to access its feeder offices.

Serving over 37 lakh meals to migrant workers


Distribution of food around Mumbai. has distributed more than 37 lakh meals to the hungry during the lockdown, along with providing dry rations and arranging transportation facilities.

Impact of COVID-19 on India's medical tourism

medical tourism

Illustration credits: Anubhav Anurag

As international travel has come to a halt due to the coronavirus pandemic, the medical tourism sector in India has come to a complete standstill as well.

Bus travel in a post-COVID-19 world

redbus ceo Prakash Sangam

In a conversation with YourStory, redBus CEO Prakash Sangam says that there will be a significant difference in the way we look at bus travel in a post-COVID-19 world.

Uttarakhand startups are making a mark


Uttarakhand (Photo: Sandeep Chetan)

Apart from being an education hub, Uttarakhand is also home to at least 66 startups registered under Startup India, a Government of India initiative.

How ShakeDeal is combating coronavirus

B2B ecommerce company ShakeDeal's founders

B2B ecommerce company ShakeDeal's founders

ShakeDeal, a startup that supplies office and industrial products, grew its health and safety portfolio by supplying PPE kits, along with gloves, masks, and hand sanitisers.

Student helps women make and sell masks

Anahit Bindra

16-year-old Anahit Bindra.

To help underprivileged women earn a consistent source of income, 16-year-old Anahit Bindra has kicked off an initiative in her neighbourhood known as ‘Sew the Divide’.

Quote of the day:

“I am encouraging every engineer in Zoho to spend time in farming and teaching.”

Sridhar Vembu, Founder and CEO, Zoho Corp

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