Inside story of Dailyhunt founder-duo; Rajiv Srivatsa's second innings

Does it make sense to bring in an outsider at the top so late in a company’s life cycle? Here’s the inside story on the blockbuster jodi at Dailyhunt.

8th Jun 2020
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Last week, Reliance Jio continued its fund-raising spree. The company raised Rs 9,093.60 crore from Abu Dhabi's state fund Mubadala, and another Rs 4,546.80 crore from Silver Lake, taking the cumulative fundraising to Rs 92,202 crore.

reliance industries mukesh ambani

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In October 2019, Rajiv Srivatsa, Co-founder of Urban Ladder, sent shock waves when he decided to step down from his leadership role at the omnichannel furniture brand. Now, seven months later, he is treading a new path. In an exclusive interview with YourStory, Rajiv revealed that he would be starting operations for Antler, a global VC and startup generator, which aims to enable entrepreneurs to build and scale global businesses.

Rajiv Srivatsa

When former Facebook India executive Umang Bedi, who joined Dailyhunt in 2018, recently changed his designation on his LinkedIn profile from President to Co-founder, it created a buzz in the startup circles. Does it make sense to bring in an outsider at the top so late in a company’s life cycle? Here’s the inside story on the blockbuster jodi at Dailyhunt.


In the Centre's Rs 20 lakh crore stimulus package for an “Aatmanirbhar Bharat”, there was no mention of startups in the plan. While the ecosystem is certainly hopeful that the government will announce some startup-specific provisions to help them, NASSCOM President Debjani Ghosh says that the regulatory body is also working with ministries to understand how to help the startup segment. In a conversation with YourStory Founder and CEO Shradha Sharma, Debjani talks about startups struggling amidst COVID-19, steps the government could take to alleviate them, and key learnings to derive from this pandemic.

Nasscom President

Nasscom President Debjani Ghosh

Last but not least, Mitron TV co-founders Shivank Agarwal and Anish Khandelwal talked about building an 'Indian' social media platform, reaching five million users in a month, scaling the business, and more.


Vikas Khanna’s mission to feed India

Vikas Khanna

Michelin-star chef, author, filmmaker, and humanitarian Vikas Khanna

Chef, filmmaker, author, and humanitarian Vikas Khanna has served nearly 10 million meals to the underprivileged in at least 125 cities and towns across India in just two months.

Shopify is helping SMEs get back to business

Shopify IPO

Photo: AP | TechCrunch

Shopify launched in India in 2014. Today, it supports thousands of SMEs and SMBs, including Blue Tokai Coffee, Raymonds, Star Struck, John Jacobs Eyewear, and more.

How Amazon is helping sellers survive COVID-19

Gopal Pillai

Gopal Pillai of Amazon India, reveals steps taken by the ecommerce giant to help SMBs survive the COVID-19 crisis, helping them grow in the medium-to-long term.

Meet Saloni Gaur aka Nazma Aapi

Saloni Gaur

With 178,000 followers on Twitter and 294,000 on Instagram, comic Saloni Gaur is ruling the internet with her various characters, the most popular being Nazma Aapi.

Asia’s first plant-based liquid egg product

Foodtech startup, EVO Foods, plant-based egg

Foodtech startup EVO Foods's plant-based liquid egg replacer

Hyderabad-based foodtech startup EVO Foods has developed Asia’s first plant-based liquid egg product as it seeks to revolutionise India’s plant-based, sustainable food market.

Revolutionising healthy snacking in India

Snack Amor

Snack Amor, founded in 2017 by Deepak Grover, aims to help India snack better. Its products include superfoods such as oats, millets, and flax seeds, among others.

Things you can do with Alexa during lockdown


Here are all the features the Seatle-based ecommerce company Amazon added to Alexa — some of them relevant to the COVID-19 situation.

Quote of the day:

"Save cash. Sit on it. If you’re six people, give up that office, stop paying that rental. Cost rationalisation is so, so important. Get ready for the long haul. This is going to take at least a year to 18 months."

— Debjani Ghosh, President, NASSCOM

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