Meet Germany's leading startups as they introduce their innovative solutions to the Indian ecosystem

Meet Germany's leading startups as they introduce their innovative solutions to the Indian ecosystem

Friday October 30, 2020,

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While startups understand the need to enter international markets, they often don't expand their global footprint until they have established themselves on home ground or much later in their startup journey. However, this can prove to be detrimental. That's why today, many young startups are building products keeping global markets in mind from Day 1. However, this isn't without its challenges. While the products may or may not need localization, there are other factors that startups must assess and understand - from regulatory approvals to teams on-the-ground to understand the local competition. It is here that an ecosystem that enables startups from other countries to gain a strong foothold in the domestic market and also connect them to the larger international players can make a world of difference.

One such initiative is Next Step - a market discovery program that helps German startups validate their business' suitability in new potential markets in Asia. Through the program, startups gain first-hand market insights, explore unique business opportunities within the local ecosystem, and directly connect with potential customers and partners on the ground. Next Step is powered by German Accelerator and supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

During the India visit of German Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel for the fifth round of Inter-Governmental Consultations (IGC) in November 2019, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chancellor Merkel acknowledged the successful work under the German Indian Startup Exchange Program (GINSEP) in promoting the exchange between both startup ecosystems. They welcomed the continuation and strengthening of this important initiative via the GINSEP program as well as introduced a new German Accelerator program, Next Step. 

Launched in April 2020, Next Step in India is a market discovery program that enables German startups to explore India's dynamic market and understand their solution’s viability in the country.

"Launching in early COVID-19 days had its challenges, which is why we are extremely thrilled to see almost 20 startups embarking on this exciting journey with us. We saw startups from HealthCare, Logistics & Mobility, Sustainability, and many more exploring India's business opportunities across three cohorts. We have built exciting relationships all over India with Mentors, Partners, and Corporates, and we look very much forward to expanding the network significantly, especially across Corporates," says Juliane Frömmter, Program Director of Next Step in India.

Find out what these 19 Next Step startups have to offer to the Indian ecosystem:


Sector: Software

autoRetouch is the first AI-powered end-to-end, automated image processing platform. They offer a cloud-based, API-first service for automated, bulk-retouching of fashion product images online, saving time, and up to 90 percent of the cost per image.


Sector: HealthTech

BioVariance GmbH provides comprehensive bioinformatic services focusing on complex biomedical data analysis and related software development for the pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare sector. In cooperation with physicians, BioVariance helps cancer patients to get the correct and efficient treatment right away. They offer long-term monitoring of the patient's molecular characteristics to predict effectiveness, side effects, drug interactions and determine the appropriate medication and dosage individually.


Sector: HealthTech

Canostix aims to beat cancer by developing a blood-based early detection test that combines photonics and Machine Learning. Starting with the five most common cancers, covering 50 percent of all cancer cases, they create a continually evolving software solution that upgrades available hardware into top-of-the-line screening machines. This is done through a one-of-a-kind collaboration with leading Indian research institutes, enabling them to fast-track clinical translation.


Sector: Software

Conntac's innovative self-service solutions for telecommunication companies help thousands of customers with technical and commercial problems every day, without them having to contact the service hotline. The process is very customer-oriented and easy to use, with no changes required to the hardware.


Sector: Sustainability

DABBEL is on a mission to develop the most scalable, cost-efficient, and sustainable building automation technologies through their AI-based Autonomous Building Management System. Through AI, DABBEL self-adapts to a building's dynamics and characteristics ensures the perfect balance between energy consumption and a healthy indoor environment and maintains its sustainability over time.


Sector: Energy and Infrastructure

ECoG is the first IoT operating system and platform for electric vehicle (EV) charging. Their mission is to shape the future of e-mobility by integrating EV charging into every business, thereby reducing hardware production costs and making charging more convenient and profitable.


Sector: EdTech

EDUBAO provides a comprehensive customized overview of global education opportunities using smart data. Their proprietary software finds the best matching educational institutions and study programs for students based on personal preconditions and preferences to foster an optimal decision-making process for a long-term investment in education.


Sector: Energy and Sustainability

FUELSAVE is a disruptive energy efficiency enhancement and cleantech company with a strong R&D background and patent portfolio. They combine their own innovations with industry-leading components for innovative turnkey solutions to help customers in various industries and applications become more profitable while saving the environment.


Sector: Commerce and Advertising

jovoto is a co-creation and open innovation platform helping organizations gain access to customer-centric solutions. Their mission is to create a future of work for creative talent that is fair and encourages the best possible outcome for all stakeholders.

Medical Cooling

Sector: HealthTech

Medical Cooling is raising the ambulance treatment standards by adding telemedicine features to improve patient and paramedic experience. Their ventilators double the chance of survival post-resuscitation through cold air ventilation.

ODE - Objectified Decision Engine

Sector: EdTech and Wellness

ODE (Objectified Decision Engine) is a social impact startup with an app that helps users undertake informed, transparent, stress-free, and self-determined decisions. The app is a safe place where users can freely enter questions about their decision, brainstorm about relevant criteria, prioritize, and ultimately evaluate all possible options to make the right decision.


Sector: Mobility and Transportation

ottobahn is building a patented, safe, green, and fast transportation method for personal and public needs. The hanging gondolas on the railway system are driven autonomously and controlled by an advanced AI-based system. Using the low-powered electrical engine, the gondolas can reach speeds up to 240 km/h.


Sector: HealthTech

RAMPmedical is a software that enables medical doctors to make the best treatment decision for their patients. Doctors can fully evaluate the available options to select the best available treatment course based on the patient's diagnosis and vital parameters. The software assembles a unique mix of AI technologies based on evidence to achieve 100 percent accuracy.


Sector: Logistics

RYTLE offers Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for last-meter cargo deliveries. Their solution comprises green, smart, and modular storage and e-mobility hardware, integrated via a software platform, which has enabled companies in Europe to achieve operational efficiency and cost improvement and reduce carbon emission in dense urban areas.


Sector: HealthTech

SEIS GmbH is an expert in developing technological tools for hospital and clinic management in emerging markets. From HIS, Clinical ERP, and Clinical CRM, they cover the entire spectrum for healthcare management in an affordable and agile fashion.


Sector: IoT

SonoBeacon enables precise interaction with customers via ultrasound. In collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute, they have developed two mobile ultrasound-technologies for secure data transmission. These make location-based services and interactive customer experience easier and more accurate on the customer's smartphone.


Sector: Mobility and Logistics

Swobbee by GreenPack Mobile Energy Solutions is the easiest, fastest, and most reliable way to be electrically mobile. With their 24/7 Battery Swapping Station (BSS), you can easily swap your empty battery for fully charged ones. B2B customers and partners can also rent batteries within the Swobbee network.


Sector: Data and Connectivity

Watergenics is a water-data company enabling water-security for future generations by making the water quality economically visible, anytime, anywhere. They are developing a novel sensor and machine learning platform for effective nutrient management in aquaculture, agriculture, and environmental monitoring.


Sector: Logistics

Wingcopter creates technologies to save and improve lives. Their transport drones, developed for humanitarian and civil applications, deliver medicines, vaccines, blood, and lab samples over long distances in remote areas.

German Accelerator empowers German startups to scale globally. It takes high potential companies on a fast-paced learning journey in the world’s leading innovation hubs in the U.S. and Asia. Since launching in 2012, German Accelerator has nurtured over 280 startups which have raised more than US$4.9 billion in funding so far. We connect promising German startups with leading corporates and established partners in Asia to help them validate the suitability of their business. German Accelerator is currently run by German Entrepreneurship GmbH and is supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

As the program continues to grow in India, German Accelerator is looking to connect and engage with corporates and other ecosystem partners to build a robust German-Indian startup ecosystem. If you are a corporate and would like to get involved, join their Corporate Network.