‘Digital payments have become a major tool to promote financial inclusion’ – 25 quotes of the week on digital transformation

From digital change to Digital India, this series of quotes from the week of October 19-25 captures the tech impacts that are sweeping across the world.

‘Digital payments have become a major tool to promote financial inclusion’ – 25 quotes of the week on digital transformation

Wednesday October 28, 2020,

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Launched in 2014, StoryBites is a weekly feature from YourStory, featuring notable quotable quotes in our articles of this past week. This special series of quotes focuses on the increasing impact of digital media in India and around the world (see the previous post here). Share these 25 gems and insights with your colleagues and networks, and check back to the original articles for more insights.

Today’s consumers receive outstanding personalised retail experiences from companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, and Disney. Why shouldn’t they expect the same in their vehicle acquisition and service needs? - Jay Vijayan, Tekion

"Digital transformation is at the core of any modern business, whether it's a retail giant or kirana shop." - Sairam Veeraswamy, VMWare

"SMBs now have the unique opportunity to transform their traditional technology stacks to cloud-based solutions." - Shailesh Kumar Davey, ManageEngine

"For small- and medium-sized enterprises, innovative cloud-based technology has made it possible to optimise their external and internal strategies." - Kapil Rana, HostBooks

"Taking SMBs online is about keeping the solutions simple, modular, and affordable." - Vikas Varma, Mastercard

"The touch and feel experience is something that digital platforms cannot provide." - Narinder Singh Dhingra, Numero Uno

"Online fitness training sessions are the new normal with gyms adapting to a hybrid model for their clients." - Dinesh Godara, TREAD

"The future of education is a hybrid of offline and online learning." - Bhavik Rathod, Kyt

"The art world is meeting the technology world with enthusiasm and energy." - Nupur Dalmia, Gallery Ark

"Market linkage is the most important piece in the agri value chain and has a direct and immediate impact on farmer incomes." - Nukul Upadhye, Bijak

"Smart homes have become even more easy to use with voice assistants being able to understand the contextual meaning of a user." - Niyati Chander, SmartDEN

"Smartphone shipments in India recovered in Q3 2020, posting 8 percent growth to 50 million units (from 46.2 million units in year-ago period). This is an all-time record for smartphone shipments in a single quarter in India." - Canalys

"The ‘Indic internet’ has finally arrived. The present and future of digital growth in India will be in local languages." - Vidushi Kapoor, Process9

"Wikipedia sees over 750 million visits each month, just from Indian readers, making it the fifth-highest number of views from any country." - Abhishek Suryawanshi, Project SWASTHA

"Bengaluru is an ideal location for an innovation hub because of its strong innovation and healthcare ecosystems, coupled with reputed educational institutions." - Gerd Hoefner, Siemens Healthcare

"Digital payments have become a major tool to promote financial inclusion in the country. In a densely-populated nation like India, it is not possible for banks to be omnipresent." - Nityanand Sharma, Simpl Technologies

"In our country, credit cards are still considered a product for the affluent sections of the society and not everyone can avail of its benefits." - Bhavesh Gupta, Paytm

"Three big problems in India are yet to be solved - massive explosion of population, unregulated roadways and transportation, and lack of infrastructure management." - Jayant Ratti, NAYAN India Science and Technologies

"Three important ways in which digital technology helps creating social change are Access, Aggregation, and Democratisation." - Madhukar Shukla, ‘Social Entrepreneurship in India’

"One thing about technology is that you have the ability to find solutions for different kinds of problems." - Rashmi Verma, MapmyIndia

"Ransomware attacks are increasing everyday and these criminals have been working from home." - Rajesh Pant, National Cyber Security Coordinator

"There is a lot of emphasis on failing fast. It is also important to build for a pain point." - Shashank Kumar, Razorpay

"Establishing a business venture in the day and age of digital technology is a boon in itself." - Sandeep Aggarwal, Droom

"The synergy and rapport between the Founder/CEO and the first product hire will have to be extremely tight." - Manik Gupta, ex-Uber

"A key part of the product manager’s role is the prioritisation. You need to pick the right set of problem statements to solve." - Hitesh Khatpalani, Flipkart

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