Bengaluru startup ReadyAssist extends its vehicle repair and service network to more Indian states

ReadyAssist, the Bengaluru-based on-demand vehicle service startup, was mainly catering to certain cities in south India. It has now extended its network to 26 Indian states.

ReadyAssist, an on-demand vehicle repair and service startup, has expanded its business operations to 26 Indian states, with touchpoints of more than 5,000 locations.

The startup, which began its operations in December 2018, was catering to just eight cities in the southern part of India till March 2020.

ReadyAssist has a subscription-based model that provides a variety of services, ranging from on-spot repair to major accident recovery support for both two-wheelers and cars. Other services include flat tyre support and puncture repair, battery jumpstart, key unlock assistance, emergency fuel delivery, towing service, taxi support, accommodation support, relay of emergency messages, and emergency medical support.

The Bengaluru startup leverages technologies like machine learning, data intelligence, and operational efficiency to provide vehicular roadside assistance.

On the expansion plan, ReadyAssist Founder and CEO Vimal Singh said, “We have been working very systematically by understanding the real market needs, customer expectations, and partner welfare.”

During the COVID-19 lockdown phase, it assisted personnel who were engaged in battling the pandemic at the frontlines, including healthcare professionals, police, etc. It also created a dedicated hotline number to tackle the mental health of their vendors, partners, and their families to overcome any issues due to COVID-19.

The startup formally launched its service in January 2019, and in its first month of operations, ReadyAssist onboarded around 20 mechanics onto its platform. In the subsequent 12 months, it had close to 650 people, doing about 2,000 jobs a day.

ReadyAssist provides its service to both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) segments. However, B2B accounts for 85 percent of its overall business.

Recently, it partnered with CEAT Tyres to provide roadside assistance services to its customers. Besides, it has created its own academy — Mecademy — in various districts to provide training to engineering graduates and diploma holders who are struggling to find employment.

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