A Made in India contender for WhatsApp

On January 10, Zoho Founder Sridhar Vembu had tweeted that his team is working on a Made in India instant messaging app - Arattai.

A Made in India contender for WhatsApp

Friday February 05, 2021,

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Ever since Facebook-owned WhatsApp released a privacy update to its users a month ago, the move has drawn the ire of many users across the world, including India.

On the back of growing concerns about WhatsApp’s privacy policy, rival messaging apps such as Telegram and Signal saw an uptick in the number of downloads on both Apple and Google's app stores

Closer home, India’s very own Made in India instant messaging app — a new B2C app by Zoho called Arratai, meaning chit-chat in Tamil — has picked up significant buzz, crossing 50,000 downloads on Google Play Store even before its formal launch


On Jan 10,Zoho Founder Sridhar Vembu had tweeted that his team is working on a Made in India instant messaging app.

We explored the app and its various features to see whether it is a promising contender. Read our App Review here

Spoiler alert: Even though Zoho has announced that Arattai will be more than a messaging app, only time will tell if it can emulate the mass reach that WhatsApp enjoys.

The Interview 

Union Budget 2021 evoked high expectations, especially from the agri sector as the country is still coming to terms with the new Farm Laws that were introduced last year. Arya Co-founder Prasanna Rao and Stellapps' Ranjith Mukundan say that the Budget continues with the pace of reforms, with measures like improving infrastructure, introducing agriculture cess, and increasing agri credit access.

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Unnati snapshot

Infographic: YS Design

News & Updates

  • The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has amended rules for One Person Companies (OPCs) to bring more unincorporated businesses into the organised corporate sector, and has extended fast track merger process to startups and other small companies.

  • Gurugram-based retail-tech startup NutriTap Technologies, which is building a data-driven and asset-light D2C retail channel, has acquired digital vending machine startup Pikobox that provides smart retailing B2B solutions in Bengaluru.

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"I firmly believe that we have to build from the ground up — rather than bringing people to the cities to build tech, we have to take tech to their doorsteps to help them build.”

Sridhar Vembu, Founder and CEO of Zoho

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