Foodtech startup Daalchini eyes expansion in 20 cities

Daalchini plans to grow its network of IoT-enabled vending machines aggregating affordable home-cooked food from 400 to 600 in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Chandigarh, and Mohali and other cities.

Foodtech startup Daalchini eyes expansion in 20 cities

Tuesday March 30, 2021,

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Delhi-based Daalchini Technologies, a startup that makes affordable home-cooked food available through Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled physical and digital vending machines, announced plans to expand its presence across India. The platform is planning to grow from 400 to 600 vending machines across 20 cities, including Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Chandigarh, and Mohali. 

Founded by former Paytm employees Prerna Kalra and Vidya Bhushan in 2017, Daalchini is a digital vending machine company that aggregates healthy, affordable, home-cooked meals through a network of smart vending machines. The platform operates through IoT-led "phygital" vending machines and aims to create opportunities for micro women entrepreneurs through Daalchini franchisees, while offering delectable meals to corporate professionals. 

“Since its inception, Daalchini has been working towards making comfort home food easily available to professionals, while also empowering our women by making them professionally manage micro enterprises," said Prerna. "The upcoming expansion will allow us to uplift more lives through new and exciting employment opportunities as part of the Daalchini family. Needless to say, 600 vending machines across nine cities is just the beginning. We plan to revolutionise snacking with our tech-driven value proposition over the next few years.”

Prerna Kalra, Co-founder Daalchini

Daalchini is creating a sub-99 food store to enable brands in all food and beverage categories (frozen, chilled, meal kits, snacks, bakery, immunity boosters, healthy/energy drinks, yogurts, etc.) reach their targeted customers and help them scale fast across multiple geographies. 

To drive the community of automated kiosks through homemakers, Daalchini helps them convert their spaces into professional, certified kitchens. It also assists them with supplies, licences, audits, and compliance to ensure top-notch quality of the contents for its vending machines.

Edited by Lena Saha